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Posted by: Maru May 30 2016, 10:55 AM
common Questions and Answers
read this before asking!
Q: How do I tag someone on Jcink?
A: There are two ways. The best way is to use @[username] as it works for names with spaces in between words.The other is to simply use @username without the brackets. This way is a tad bit less typing but will only work for names that have no spaces between words. For example, @[username] would work well for tagging my character Cassius Ackerman as he has a first and last name with a space between the words. However, tagging my staff account Maru you can simply use the @username because it is one word with no spaces.
Q: Does my character's starting Pokemon team have to follow the set team setup?
A: No, this can be changed up a bit. You do not need to have six Pokemon, nor do you need to have all the specific evolution stages. You are allowed to have at maximum one-second stage, two first stages, and three baby/base stages. Although you can also switch out certain stages, such instead of using up your second stage Pokemon choice you can have it be a first stage Pokemon or your whole darn team could even be a bunch of baby/base stage Pokemon!
Q: Is there certain rules on a Pokemon's ability and moveset?
A: Yes, a few. First off a Pokemon's moveset can consist of a maximum of six moves. Otherwise, a Pokemon can learn any species-available move to it. This includes level sets, TMs/HMs, Move Tutor Moves and Egg Moves. As for Abilities, they can have any available ability to that specific Pokemon species. You are welcome to switch up movesets and abilities to accommodate needs during threads or you can just have specific movesets/abilities that don't need to always be changed for each thread the Pokemon battles in. And of course, if you wish to have your Pokemon have less than six moves that too is more than alright!
Q: Can I trade Pokemon between my own and others characters?
A: Yes! This includes Pokemon you've won from events; please note some events do not allow you to trade between your own characters. However, starting Pokemon are excluded from this. You may only trade starting Pokemon with other members, not between your own characters. When trading a starting Pokemon, you must have a plot reason to trade them. You will be required to PM an Admin to have the trade for starting Pokemon accepted. If we find people abusing the rule by trading starting Pokemon will eliminate the ability to edit profiles without the staff's assistance.
Q: Can I trade items between my own and others characters?
A: Yes you may! There is an exception to that, however, as some events/giveaways may not be traded amongst your own characters. But, we will be sure to tell you in the rules of that giveaway!
Q: Can I make a Shop to sell items/Pokemon I don't need?
A: Yes, you can! All shops should be placed You are able to pick the prices of the items/Pokemon you sell. You also hold the right to decline trades. When you agree to sell or trade an item/Pokemon for money (Fake money) please contact a staff member to edit the profiles for you.
Q: Are there real animals or just Pokemon?
A: Just Pokemon. So yes, when you eat a steak, you are likely eating a cow Pokemon.
Q: Is original art allowed here?
A: Yup, original art is indeed allowed! Just be sure to mention so under the FC section of the app rather than leave it blank so we know.
Q: Do I need to have a FC?
A: No, you are welcome to choose not to have an FC in general if that's what ya wish. Just make sure you give people a good idea of what your character looks like so we aren't left guessing, alrighty?
Q: I see there is a shop system. How do we earn money?
A: There are a number of ways to earn money such as; Posting, events, contests, and through personal shops. When posting, if you post a minimum of 150 words you will earn 10$. You earn 20$ for starting a new thread, 10$ for each page after completing a thread and 5$ for each page after an incomplete thread that gets achieved. Be advised that this does not count in some places such as the general section. This amount may change in the future.
Q: How does evolution here work?
A: You have two items in the Shop. Evolution Stone and Evolution Item. These two items account for evolutions and are both one-time use only. The Evolution Stone applies to Pokemon that evolves by Level, Friendship/Happiness, Stones (i.e. Water Stone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, etc.), Trade, etc. While the Evolution Item applies to Pokemon who require any special item to evolve and this does include if they need to be traded with said item. These include things such as Marvel Scale, Reaper Cloth, Upgrade, etc.

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