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Welcome to Forever Forgotten, a Pokemon roleplay set in a cursed city inside a giant hole in the ground. We welcome roleplayers of all levels, and we offer a wide variety of events with chances for members to directly impact the site's overall plot. Join the government wings to maintain peace and harmony in the city, the notorious Yamask Saints or the rising Granbull Gang in pursuit of money or your own personal goals, or perhaps join us as a simple civilian trying to make it on their own.
10/15/17 Update Post. @everyone Halloween is coming up in the next couple weeks and to celebrate we are having a few events take place! In theme of the celebrations, there will be four mini games you can play to earn cool Halloween prizes starting Oct 24th. On top of that, a site wide event will be starting at the same time. Be prepared to learn some secrets about Regnum's past!

Lastly, It has been two weeks since the site overhaul and all old applications that were not recreated are now at risk of losing their claims. On the upside, Eevee's are no longer banned!
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Spring has finally surfaced in Regnum, the mass amount of ice and snow slowly beginning to vanish as the flowers take over. Though the rivers still contain some ice and many buildings have fallen to ground due to the earthquake, the colours of spring has managed to make the place seem a tad bit peaceful. Perhaps it's a sign that things will be getting better again soon.
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It came so suddenly and without warning throughout the dead of the night: A sudden pulse throughout the city, followed by another and another. By the time people knew what was happening, a large earthquake shook the city, causing buildings to tumble, grounds to crack and shift and, worse of all, the city borders to collapse. Many lives were lost, others injured and lives completely changed forever.

The power plant in Regnum is still down, but some groups have gotten together with electric Pokemon to help restore some of the electricity to the city. It is suggested not to walk the streets alone as the crime rates have sky rocketed despite the efforts of the Enforcement Wing. Phones and internet is still down, but people have started finding other ways to communicate for the time being. In good news, the weather has begun to warm up, the snow and ice finally melting. Sadly, the barrier is still blocking people from leaving the city.
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 Wyatt Kincaid, male / 50 / yamask saint consigliere
50 years
Yamask Saints
 Posted on: Sep 22 2017, 04:37 AM
Wyatt Kincaid
July 14
Grinning Ghoul, Deadeye, Hangman, Old Man, Geezer
He, him, his
Yamask Saints
230 lbs
eye color
extra notes
  • Body is completely covered in gruesome burn scars
  • Corners of his lips have been sliced up to his ears, giving the impression of an unnervingly wide smile
  • Incredibly resilient to pain
  • Prefered weaponry beyond his pokemon are a pair of high caliber revolvers, lever action rifles, shotguns, whips, lassoes, bowie knives, and dynamite
  • Remarkably good singer and musician, particularly with a guitar or harmonica
  • positive traits
    • Ambitious
    • Astute
    • Wise
    • Charming
    • Quick-Witted
    • Loyal (to few)
    negative traits
    • Sadistic
    • Greedy
    • Darwinistic
    • Vindictive
    • Egomaniacal
    • Manipulative
    • Incredibly Resilient
    • Expert Marksman
    • Accomplished Horseback Rider
    • Talented with a knife, lasso, and whip
    • Wily
    • Overprotective of his 'children'
    • Obsessed with power and preserving the saints
    • Incredibly egotistical
    • Quick to turn to violence
    • Tempermental
    • Cash
    • Guns
    • Drinking
    • Violence and Chaos
    • Barbecue
    • The Law
    • Boredom
    • Disrespect
    • Charity
    • Traitors
    Flash Fire
    Nature: Adamant
    Height: 6’7”

    One of Wyatt’s first pokemon. An old horse descended from the steed Wyatt’s grandfather once claimed as his own. Just as fast and twice as pugnacious as her ancestor. Filled with unbridled stamina and a passion for stomping her master’s enemies underfoot or stabbing through them with her horn.

    Sand Stream
    Nature: Hasty
    Height: 7’3”

    One of Wyatt’s first pokemon. A monster of a tyranitar whose only become more of a menace in his old age. Completely devoted to his master, and constantly tries to prove he’s the strongest of the posse. Quick to anger and to turn to violence to solve his problems. Capable of destroying buildings, and has an appetite for human flesh.

    Nature: Naughty
    Height: 3’11”

    One of the many vullabies that tried to scavenge Wyatt’s body upon his first ‘death’. However, seeing the wake of corpses Wyatt left in his wake made her decide it would be smarter to join the human than peck at him. Serves as her master’s eyes in the sky, scouting for information on the enforcement wing or spying on other saints Wyatt finds distrustworthy.

    Nature: Impish
    Height: 0’8”

    A remarkably greedy mimikyu obsessed with scurrying her way through any human safe or vault she can find and plundering them of their wealth under her rags. Incredibly fond of Wyatt for actively enabling her ‘passion’ and as such is incredibly loyal to him. Beyond her ability to slip past locks, she excels at eviscerating anything or anyone Wyatt points her at.

    Tall Texan
    Nature: Rash
    Height: 7’1”

    Ferocious and ravenous snake. Born from an arbok Wyatt used to own that he since passed on to his daughter. Excels at scouting locations and stalking prey. Prefers to devour his food while it’s still alive and wriggling, which Wyatt actively encourages by feeding him other pokemon.

    Kid Curly
    Nature: Timid
    Height: 2’4”

    A riolu Wyatt found in a gutter in Regnum that he’s since adopted. Frequently used as a guard dog and tracker by his master thanks to his aura abilities. Is incredibly loyal to his master and appreciative of him for saving his life, but is easily frightened and as such often serves as a lapdog than a fighter (though Wyatt plans to change this).

    Back before Unova became the urban sprawl it was now, the land was untamed and cruel, the strongest reigning supreme and the weak doing the best to stay out of their way. Wyatt Kincaid was the toughest and meanest bastard of them all, a man called a devil in human skin. He killed, violated, and pillaged his way across the untamed frontier, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake that left the western lands of the region almost desolate. The outlaw’s campaign of terror was only stopped when a company of rangers finally cornered him in a valley and engaged him in a gunfight. When the dust had settled, Wyatt Kincaid was finally shot dead.

    That outlaw had a son, Job, who did her best to distance herself from his father’s bloody history. He married a woman named Caroline and started a farmstead with her, and then a family. They had two sons-- the first named Henry, the second George. George Kincaid was a good child, earnest and kind with those he dealt with who yearned for the humble life of a farmer. He was much unlike his older brother, who was born rotten to the core.

    Ever since he could remember, Henry found sick joy in hurting others and taking what they had for himself. He started small, with either petty larceny or abusing critters he captured in traps. Eventually, the severity of his boyhood crimes increased until he was engaging in armed robbery and pokemon poaching, and eventually started to force George to be an accomplice to his crimes. His family tried, in vain, to keep him on the straight and narrow, but Henry refused to listen. In his eyes, they were weaklings who didn’t have the stomach to survive in the world. The only person he ever turned to for guidance was the stories he heard of his grandfather, the only man he could ever relate to. In his eyes, he was the standard to meet, and in time, Henry would meet it.

    Eventually, Henry’s crime graduated to outright murder, his first victim being an act of vengeance against a man who sliced his lips open from ear to ear. From then on, he started to commit even riskier, more violent crimes long before he was even twenty. Caroline and Job could only bare to watch their child go down this path for so long. They brought him back to the farmstead and tried one last time to make him put down his gun, and went so far as to threaten they would turn him over to the rangers if he didn’t find the error in his ways. In response, Henry laughed... and then shot them both just as George walked into the room. George was horrified and enraged, and a fight broke out between the brothers. Henry, made strong by a life of crime, had the advantage, until George turned the tables by setting a fire in the farmstead. George managed to trap Henry in the red-hot pyre of their old home, where he expected his brother would burn to death.

    Unfortunately for George, he was only half right. The boy outlaw Henry died that night, without a doubt, but from the ashes of the farmstead came a man who wasn’t willing to die, even after the horrendous disfiguration that ravaged his body. The pain of the flame was unimaginable, yet in a way, incredibly freeing. His past had been reduced to cinders, and so had his skin and the last sign of humanity he had left-- revealing the devil that had hid underneath.

    That man took on the name of the only mentor in life he ever had, the only man he ever really saw as family. From then on, his name was Wyatt-- or, as those unlucky enough to cross him called him, the Grinning Ghoul.

    Wyatt chased his brother all across Unova, before eventually realizing he had completely fled the region all together. That meant the ghoul had to chase his brother to the ends of the earth, and indeed, he did. Those ends just so happened to be named Regnum, a city forgotten to the world by a terrible curse. Without a doubt, it was far and away a different local than Wyatt was used to, but he quickly found himself adapting to his new environs, almost immediately falling into the criminal scene. He started causing a stir as soon as he could, getting into gunfights all across the city. During one such duel, he accidentally saved the life of his future employer-- one Julius Ackerman.

    Out of gratitude, Ackerman offered Wyatt a position in his organization, and Wyatt, strapped for cash and figuring he had time to kill inbetween finding his brother, agreed. Little did the Ghoul know that idle agreement ended up getting him deeply entrenched in the Yamask Saints. Wyatt was one of the best soldiers the Saints ever had, flitting across the many branches and bringing his own brand of havoc and old west flair to whatever job he was given. Eventually, he earned his boss’ respect, so much so that he trusted him to watch over his own son, Cassius Ackerman. Wyatt was a twisted paternal figure to the boy and often served as his closest confidant. When faced with the boy’s innate darkness, instead of rejecting it, Wyatt embraced it and often advised the boy throughout his life on how to use it to his advantage, which managed to earn him the young Ackerman’s trust.

    The cowboy eventually rose near the top of the food chain, and with some new resources under his control, he managed to find his brother. He was calling himself George Sugar now, and after thorough investigation, Wyatt found a connection he could exploit to get closer to his brother-- a woman named Delilah that George was friends with. Wyatt seduced Delilah (even though he looks like a corpse, the old man still has some game) and made her lead him to where George was hiding.

    When the brothers met again, a decade of hated on Wyatt’s part was unleashed. He horrifically brutalized his brother over several hours that ultimately accumulated with him breaking George’s legs and spine. Delilah, guilty over how she had led Wyatt to George, tried to intervene. Luckily for her, Wyatt had no intention of killing George-- whatever remnant of familial love left in his heart decided to keep his brother alive. Wyatt left Delilah with George with each other, and the pair eventually fell in love. That would have been the end of it... had Wyatt not impregnated Delilah during the affair. Wyatt caught wind that of the child’s inevitable birth, and was somewhat surprised to find that George, out of some bizarre sense of guilt for leaving his brother to die in that fire so long ago, decided he wanted to raise the child with Delilah. Naturally, they tried to keep the girl, Gwendolyn, from Wyatt’s influence... but in time, some of her birth father’s cruel genetics started to show, and soon the cowboy found himself taking the role of ‘uncle’ to his daughter to raise her right-- or at least, how Wyatt saw was right.

    More time passed, and Wyatt continued to raise hell across Regnum, earning his stripes as one of the best, toughest, cruelest soldiers the Saints had under their employ. He had been serving as a capo for several years by that point, but eventually, Cassius came to him and asked him to take the position of consigliere so he could continue to serve as his adviser. Wyatt found himself somewhat touched that the man he started to see as a son would make that overture to an outsider and decided to take him up on his offer. Now, Wyatt serves right next to the throne of the Saint leader, and though he certainly plans to assist his adopted charge, the ghoul has personal hopes of guiding Regnum into becoming a new wild west, where chaos and anarchy reigns supreme.

    Skull Face from Metal Gear
    20 years
     Posted on: Sep 23 2017, 04:44 AM
    An Admin will have all of your claims updated for you in a few moments. In the meantime, you are free to start posting and having fun!
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