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the city of regnum
Welcome to Forever Forgotten, a Pokemon roleplay set in a cursed city inside a giant hole in the ground. We welcome roleplayers of all levels, and we offer a wide variety of events with chances for members to directly impact the site's overall plot. Join the government wings to maintain peace and harmony in the city, the notorious Yamask Saints or the rising Granbull Gang in pursuit of money or your own personal goals, or perhaps join us as a simple civilian trying to make it on their own.
10/15/17 Update Post. Halloween is coming up in the next couple weeks and to celebrate we are having a few events take place! In theme of the celebrations, there will be four mini games you can play to earn cool Halloween prizes starting Oct 24th. On top of that, a site wide event will be starting at the same time. Be prepared to learn some secrets about Regnum's past!

Lastly, It has been two weeks since the site overhaul and all old applications that were not recreated are now at risk of losing their claims. On the upside, Eevee's are no longer banned!
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Spring has finally surfaced in Regnum, the mass amount of ice and snow slowly beginning to vanish as the flowers take over. Though the rivers still contain some ice and many buildings have fallen to ground due to the earthquake, the colours of spring has managed to make the place seem a tad bit peaceful. Perhaps it's a sign that things will be getting better again soon.
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It came so suddenly and without warning throughout the dead of the night: A sudden pulse throughout the city, followed by another and another. By the time people knew what was happening, a large earthquake shook the city, causing buildings to tumble, grounds to crack and shift and, worse of all, the city borders to collapse. Many lives were lost, others injured and lives completely changed forever.

The power plant in Regnum is still down, but some groups have gotten together with electric Pokemon to help restore some of the electricity to the city. It is suggested not to walk the streets alone as the crime rates have sky rocketed despite the efforts of the Enforcement Wing. Phones and internet is still down, but people have started finding other ways to communicate for the time being. In good news, the weather has begun to warm up, the snow and ice finally melting. Sadly, the barrier is still blocking people from leaving the city.
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 Andrew Shi [wip], Male | 29 | The Enforcement Wing
28 years
Freelance Hacker
New Member
 Posted on: Sep 24 2017, 01:00 PM
Andrew Shi
October 13th
Drew, Nerd, SYLas (his hacking alias)
The Enforcement Wing
Control Center Lead, Freelance Hacker
Regnum City
155 lbs
Naturally dark brown // Dyed a bold, red-orange
Naturally jade green // Wears gold colored contacts
eye color
extra notes
  • His style tends to be semi-casual, even when on the job.
  • He’s got a pair of cat eared headphones - complete with LED lights - that he made himself.
  • Same goes for a customized motorcycle that he built from scratch.
  • He’s got old scars on his wrists, and a bit along his forearms. They’re normally covered by his sleeves.
    positive traits
    • Extremely intelligent
    • Easygoing
    • Lenient
    • Kind
    • Extremely open minded
    • Not the type to fuss over something
    • Generally approachable
    • Somewhat of a social butterfly
    • A good humored joker
    • Seemingly optimistic
    • Affectionate
    • Serious (when needed)
    • Professional (on the job)
    negative traits
    • Extremely self loathing
    • Extremely secretive
    • Hides behind a (metaphorical) mask
    • Very prone to depression
    • Somewhat prone to mood swings (when topics are serious enough)
    • Stubborn as all Hell with certain matters
    • Normally passive aggressive // Not confrontational
    • Goes with the flow a bit too much
    • Sarcastic
    • Humor tends to be a bit darker and potentially insensitive
    • Has trouble letting go of the past
    • Really lazy when off the job
    • Literally the embodiment of the ‘grey zone’; he sees things in black and white a lot of the time
    • strengths
    • at least
    • three
    • weaknesses
    • at least
    • three
    • Technology
    • EDM/Techno Music
    • Video Games
    • Keeping the peace
    • Being snarky/witty
    • Cooking
    • Reading
    • Going on motorcycle rides
    • Manga
    • Anime
    • Cosplaying
    • Formal wear
    • Guns (has PTSD with them to this day, and tends to grow anxious while hyperventilating if he has to touch one. He’s been doing his best to get over it, though.)
    • Violence
    • Death
    • Overly serious people
    • Being forced to do things
    • Heinous crimes (murder, bigger heists, etc.)
    • Silence
    • Being inactive (normally has to be doing something or he’ll get bored really quickly)
    • Watching his loved ones be threatened
    • Cemeteries
    • Excessive blood (another PTSD trigger; he can watch gorey movies, but even then, he sometimes gets a bit queasy)
    • Spiders
    Cursed Body
    personality and anything else
    Long Reach
    personality and anything else
    Iron Fist
    personality and anything else
    personality and anything else
    personality and anything else
    Flame Body
    personality and anything else
    Haha… Gather ‘round, kids. I guess it’s story time~.

    So… Once upon a time, there was a kid named Sun Yong Li- and mind you, that’s in traditional Asian fashion, so we’re under the surname-first name basis, here. But anywho… Little Sun Yong Li was a good, cute kid. A while back, he was born here in Regnum City on October thirteenth, making him both a Libra and an Earth Snake in the starsign and Chinese zodiacs respectively. He was the youngest of five siblings, and the last of a total family of seven. His mom was named Sun Yue, and his dad was Sun Zi Hao. He had two older brothers - each named Bo Lin and De Ming - who were each eight and seven years older than he was, respectively. Then there was his older sister, Li Juan, who was older than he was by roughly five years or so- and last but not least was his twin sister, Mei Lin, who was born a few minutes earlier than he was. His first three siblings were born over in Kanto, and his parents both came from Johto, just a region over. And...well, like I mentioned, Yong Li was born here in Regnum, meaning that the same applied to his sister. The two of them were subjected to the curse, while the rest of the family could’ve essentially left whenever they wanted to at the time.

    But, in any case...they all lived pretty well off. See, yue and Zi Hao originally moved to Regnum for a new start and all, despite the apparent rumors and legends related to its “curse”. They just wanted a new start, so...around the time that their eldest was eight, they moved over to the city. At first, they were off to a rocky start, but by the time that Yong Li and Mei Lin were born, their parents each had jobs and sufficient pay to provide or the kids and give them a good home over in the Western residences. They went over that kinda lifestyle for the next eight years following their youngests’ births. The kids lived smoothly. Attended school. Went from elementary to junior high, and some of them went from junior high to high school. Life was good. Good… Smooth. Peaceful. Maybe even occasionally spoiled.

    ...And then there was a change.

    It was a day like any other for little Yong Li. He was eight years old that day; a cooler, darker day over in Regnu,. School wasn’t too far away from where they lived, so he and Mei Lin were walking home together after classes were over, and on normal occasion, they would’ve been greeted partway as escorted the rest of the way by Bo Lin, De Ming, and Li Juan, but that day, none of them were anywhere in sight at the time. The two of them found it odd at first, but hey- Bo Lin and De Ming were both in high school at the time, and both had football and volleyball to worry about respectfully since they were both the varsity quarterback and varsity libero- again, respectfully. Li Juan was in junior high at the time, but like her brothers, she had extracurriculars stacked up. Her main sport was swimming, but on top of that, she was a really big tech and gaming nerd. Conventions and gaming tournaments were- so if she wasn’t swimming for competition, she was normally training up her gaming skills, or making her next cosplaying outfits, or other stuff like that. So that being said… That’s pretty much why they didn’t give it a second thought. They thought their siblings were busy, so...they left it at that at the time.

    And they continued on. They continued on; down the blocks, and down the streets- and soon enough, they found themselves back at the front door. They rang the doorbell. Talked between themselves while waiting. Silence. Then...they rang it again. Silence. By that point, they were curious and weirded out, but before they could give it another try…?

    ...Things slipped down the slope.

    They heard the footsteps. They heard the murmurs, and then the scream directed at them from their mother within, which was abruptly cut off by another scream as, unknown to them at the time, a well armed man busted her in the face with the butt of his gun to shut her up. And before they could react to it…? Before they could react to it by screaming, or running, or anything else…?

    ...The door opened.

    And just like that, they got taken in, too. Guns smacked into the face to distract them, and as they were crying, a couple other guys came over and dragged them n. They got dragged over to the living room, where the rest of their family was. ...On their knees. Guns held to each of their heads as they watched them be brought in with looks of fear and horror on their faces.

    ...And that was when I realized just how prejudiced and unfair society was. How...prejudiced it always was.

    That day, I found out the hard way that people didn’t like outsiders. Like...really didn’t like outsiders. ...And that some people extend that dislike out to anyone who’s affiliated with the people that the dislike was mainly directed at. Those guys that day… They were extremists. Extremists that conducted a spread out crime in multiple areas. Other apartments, neighborhoods… My family wasn’t the only outsider dominant family that was targeted that day. I didn’t find out ‘til way later on, but...there were other outsider families that got taken hostage in their own homes and shot up. The cops specked across the districts as it happened, putting everyone on high alert- but my family…?

    God… My family got stuck with some really fucked up guys.

    ***Warning: Mentions of death and forced killing.***

    Spoiler Alert

    Saeyoung Choi (707) from Mystic Messenger
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