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It came so suddenly and without warning throughout the dead of the night: A sudden pulse throughout the city, followed by another and another. By the time people knew what was happening, a large earthquake shook the city, causing buildings to tumble, grounds to crack and shift and, worse of all, the city borders to collapse. Many lives were lost, others injured and lives completely changed forever.

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 Halloween Costumes, w/ domi & taka
28 years
The Granbull Gang
 Posted on: Dec 4 2017, 05:32 PM
31 Oct 17, 11:56 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Taaaaaaankey!" They whined as they jumped off the last three steps of the grand staircase. "I need your heeeeeelp!" Still in their pajamas with only basic makeup on and no styling done to their hair, they were very under dressed for one of their favorite holidays. They turned toward the bookcase beside the stairs, pulling down one of the books to open the secret passage. Turning back around, they rocked back and forth on the heels of their bare feet as they waited.

31 Oct 17, 12:19 PM
TAKASHI: He hadn't just been raiding the kitchen. Nor was he hiding a couple baked goods behind him as he made his way out of the kitchen, and Domi's location. " I'm all yours. Whatever you-" he paused as he peeked around the corner at Domi, a confused look on his face, "wait, with fashion? Was that staircase always there?"

31 Oct 17, 12:26 PM
DOMINIQUE: A grin formed on their lips as Takashi appeared, and they reached out to take the confused man's sleeve between their fingers to tug him forward. "Yes and yes!" Without providing a proper explanation to the hidden staircase, they turned around and started down the stairs, keeping their grip on his sleeve so he would follow. "I need you to help me decide on a Halloween costume! You're also dressing up, by the way. I won't take no for an answer." Down the stairs and to a long hall, they walked forward without bothering with any necessary security precautions. The earthquake knocked out anything that wasn't analog, so there were no lasers at the ready to slice through them. They paused at the door at the end of the hall, unlocking it the old-fashioned way before swinging it open to reveal the studio they had disappeared to clean out a week or two back.

31 Oct 17, 12:38 PM
TAKASHI: "Huh? Halloween? Was that today?" He asked as he was dragged along, shoving one of the cookies he had into his mouth so his hand was free. "I 'ow! We 'ould go as samurai's! 'ook,-" he paused to take the cookie out of his mouth with his free hand "I'm half dressed for it already!"

31 Oct 17, 12:42 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Is," they corrected, a bounce to their step. "Non! The point of Halloween is to dress up as something you're not to scare away all the ghosts and ghouls. You and that friend of yours are already mostly samurai, so you'd be targeted too easily." They tugged him into the studio before letting go of his sleeve and beelining for a rack filled with costumes. Putting on the breaks and turning around, they flashed Takashi a grin. "I'm going to try on a bunch, and you're going to yay or nay it, alright?"

31 Oct 17, 12:48 PM
TAKASHI: "Are ghouls real? Cuz I've never seen any. I should probably have Del play tonight.... dose this mean Ren has dress up too or is he our sacrifice?" He snorted, realizing his thoughts were all over the place. Best to keep his mind on one thing at a time. "Ok, got it. Yay or nay."

31 Oct 17, 12:53 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Oh, they're real. Met one when I was little. Never been the same since." A thousand yard stare washed over their face, feigned for only a moment before they moved on. "He's out sacrifice. Let the ghouls eat him while we steal his candy." Snickering, they turned away, carting the rack of clothing off to hide behind a curtain set up as a makeshift changing room. "No peeking!"

31 Oct 17, 01:00 PM
TAKASHI: He stared at Domi for a moment when the claimed ghouls were real, only to sicker when they agreed Ren would be their sacrifice. "I'm totally up for stealing his candy. " he was still snorting over the candy as Domi made there way to 'changing room'. "So, how many costumes do you need help deciding between?"

31 Oct 17, 01:09 PM
DOMINIQUE: "All of them!" They chimed from behind the curtain. The sound of hangers scraping against the rack and the shifting of clothing filled the air as they went quiet. A few moments and a couple of zippers later, they pulled back the curtain to reveal the first costume made entirely of shiny, fake leather except for the sunglasses and plastic guns. They struck a pose, tilting their head toward Takashi. "What about this?"

31 Oct 17, 01:20 PM
TAKASHI: Takashi's eyes instantly widened when Domi stepped out. He hadn't even realized he was gawking for a few moments. When he did realize, he instantly attempted to cover it up. "Are you a spy or black rain cloud?" He laughed.

31 Oct 17, 01:22 PM
DOMINIQUE: A frown tugged at the corners of their lips as they looked themself over. "So, nay?" They huffed, turning around. "It's a matrix... thing! I don't even know. I thought it looked cool." Dominique shrugged as they closed the curtain behind themself and set to work undressing.

31 Oct 17, 01:31 PM
TAKASHI: "What a matrix?" He asked, with a raised brow. He really had no clue but he did agree that it looked cool. He just... didn't say it aloud. He could take on the big bad Mafias but then coward at admitting he found someone attractive.

31 Oct 17, 01:37 PM
DOMINIQUE: "It's a movie! Do we need another movie night, mamour?" Kicking off the boots, the previous costume was tossed off to the side to start the 'nay' pile. A few minutes later, they had already put on the next costume as well as the wig that came with it. Grabbing the prop whip, their heels clicked against the floor as they pulled back the curtain. "How about this?"

31 Oct 17, 01:54 PM
TAKASHI: And once again he was gawking, this time failing at covering it up as well. "It's... you're a pirate, right? Or is this another movie? It's not that pirate movie though." He was really failing at the whole yay or nay answers.

31 Oct 17, 01:56 PM
DOMINIQUE: With a laugh on their lips, they turned away once more. "No, it's a Pyroar tamer!" They lifted the whip and gave it a crack, though it the poor quality of the whip itself made it fall limp on the ground without much of a sound. "Okay, I got this at the store. It's not going to be good." Snickering, they disappeared behind the curtain to put on the next costume.

31 Oct 17, 02:25 PM
TAKASHI: "Ohh yeah, I see it now!" He snorted, "I was going to ask where your pirate hat was. No scalywag is complete without one. But yeah... nay! You need a working wip!"

31 Oct 17, 02:30 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Do you really want me to have a working whip, Tankey? You might end up on the wrong end." Snickering as they tossed the costume into the pile, blue eyes scanned through the costumes as they fingered through them. They pulled out another, taking a couple more minutes to struggle their way in and zip up the front, before turning around. This time, they stepped out in something far less revealing, and they stretched out their arms to show the thin 'wings' attached from their arms to their sides. "This? Cute, right?" They grinned.

31 Oct 17, 02:36 PM
TAKASHI: Taka had just shoved his cookie back into his mouth when Domi came back out. He nearly half chocked too. "I feel like cute isn't the right word... maybe moooore adorable? Quick, do the gligar stance!"

31 Oct 17, 02:38 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Cute and adorable are the same thing!" They rolled their eyes, they rocked back on the heels of their feet before poorly attempting to do the 'Gligar stance'. In their defense, they have a Crobat, not a Gligar. Stumbling back, they turned away to duck behind the curtain. "I'm taking that as a nay!"

31 Oct 17, 02:50 PM
TAKASHI: He gasped a little as they stumbled back, nearly ready to rush over to them when he realized he was overreacting and stopped himself. They were fine. "And here I thought all your outfits would be yays"

31 Oct 17, 02:54 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Well, I'm not that perfect," they scoffed, unzipping the front before shrugging off the costume. "I just bought whatever looked interesting enough at the store." Kicking off the rest of the costume, they set to work finding another costume. When they stepped out next in far less clothing than before, they defaulted to the expression of a runway model, taking two steps before striking a pose. "I think I found the next Enforcer uniform. Let's get it approved."

31 Oct 17, 03:01 PM
TAKASHI: And if his jaw hadn't dropped to the ground before, it was defiantly there now. "It's-" his voice squeaked, forcing him to clear his voice as he quickly looked away. "You're going to freeze wearing that! You'll catch a cold and then ill panic and try making you soup which will only make you sicker. "

31 Oct 17, 03:04 PM
DOMINIQUE: Aw, he looked away. Was it took much? A pout crossed their features as they straightened out of the pose, crossing their arms over their poorly concealed chest. "If you're worried about me freezing, then you should have yay'd the bat." They slowly turned away with a huff, only to glance over their shoulder. "Aside from samurai, what would you want me to be for Halloween?"

31 Oct 17, 03:22 PM
TAKASHI: He peeked back towards them the moment he thought they had turned away but said nothing about the bat. Instead his mind went to the question. " Um... I dunno. I've never dressed for Halloween before. Maybe...ummm... a knight?"

31 Oct 17, 03:28 PM
DOMINIQUE: They were quiet for a moment, turning their head away as they thought. A knight? Well, he is part of the Pokemon Wing. They hummed before turning their head over their shoulder once more and grinning at Takashi. "How bout you be the knight, and I'll be the princess? You can save me from the fearsome Noivern~!"

31 Oct 17, 03:51 PM
TAKASHI: Takashi laughed as Domi suggested the classic knight and princess. "You a princess? Not that I don't think you'd make a beautiful princess, but I'm suprised you aren't the warrior princess saving the prince from the fearsome Noivern.

31 Oct 17, 04:00 PM
DOMINIQUE: "I would make a wonderful princess!" They turned back around, letting their hands rest on their hips. "Besides, a warrior princess would mean getting myself dirty. I prefer to let others do the work for me, so a normal princess works just fine." They paused for a moment before a sly grin formed on their lips. "Unless, you would rather be the prince to my princess? The knight usually turns into the prince, anyway."

31 Oct 17, 04:13 PM
TAKASHI: "Fair point," he was trying really hard not to stare but... well he was failing. There were many things he was good at avoiding. This wasn't one of them. "If prince means I've got to wear pants, I'd rather be the princess. " he laughed

31 Oct 17, 04:18 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Oh, come on, Tankey!" They whined, clearly brushing off the staring since they were used to it. "One day a year to wear pants. That's all I ask! Knights wear pants, too." A pout formed on their lips once more. "How about I wear whatever you pick out, and you have to wear whatever I pick out? That way we can both suffer." Not that Dominique would actually be suffering unless Takashi's choice in costumes was horrid.

31 Oct 17, 04:26 PM
TAKASHI: He really didn't want to but... part of him was almost ready to agree to the pants, that was, until the deal was suggested. "Anything?" Takashi asked in shock before a grin spread on his lips, "ok deal." He knew exactly what costume he wss gong to find for them.

31 Oct 17, 04:28 PM
DOMINIQUE: Stepping back, they swept their hand out to grab hold of the curtain, pulling it back to reveal the rack and the 'nay' pile. "Well, then~ take your pick." Depending on what he picked out for them, they might force him to wear tight pants.

31 Oct 17, 08:45 PM
TAKASHI: "Ok!" He only took a moment to rush over to the costumes before grabbing the white one with wings. "This one," he slipped it behind the curtain, making sure to be careful not push the curtain open.

31 Oct 17, 08:53 PM
DOMINIQUE: They knew exactly what he had picked out the moment they glanced at what was handed to them. Rolling their eyes, they chuckled before closing the curtain around themself. Stripping off the 'enforcer' costume, they pulled the other costume over their head, strapped on the wings, and carefully placed the headpiece. Dominique hummed as they pulled the certain back. "An angel isn't very Halloween-y, mamour."

31 Oct 17, 09:02 PM
TAKASHI: He grinned widely, even setting down the other cookie he hadn't had the chance to eat yet as Domi opened the curtain up again. "Maybe not, but if you go out you'll be the center of attention." His grin widened, "you could always wear a bat in your hair."

31 Oct 17, 09:11 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Oh, you flatter me!" There was a soft laugh on their lips as their eyes turned down to their costume, grabbing at the skirt of the dress and swishing it back and forth with an idle sway of their body. "Rather than a bat~" they hummed, turning away to browse through the rack of costumes. "What about~ a couple costume?" Dominique pulled out a costume with a dark red cape and a small pair of horns. "You could be the devil to my angel~!"

31 Oct 17, 09:16 PM
TAKASHI: "A devil?" He asked, reaching out to take the costume. He looked it up and down for a few moments before smiling, his eyes drifting back towards Domi. "I like that idea. It suits us well. I'll... even wear the pants. "

31 Oct 17, 09:21 PM
DOMINIQUE: A grin graced their lips, and they clapped their hands together. "Great! It was either that or a Mankey suit." Grabbing hold of the curtain, they stepped out of the way and swept into the makeshift changing room with their other hand. "Go ahead and change~! You can take your pants off at the stroke of midnight if you absolutely must."

31 Oct 17, 09:42 PM
TAKASHI: "I like this way better than a Mankey suit," he snorted, turning to head into the change room. "Midnight. I can make it until midnight I think. " he chuckled a little as he pulled the curtain shut and began to undress and redress. After a short while, he pulled the curtains back open and held out his hands. "Does it look ok? I dunno what to do with my hair."

31 Oct 17, 09:44 PM
DOMINIQUE: They went about just... touching things, acting like they were actually doing something, like reorganizing, when they were really just wasting time without standing there, twiddling their thumbs. They whipped around as soon as the curtain opened, a wide grin stretching on their lips as they stepped closer. "You look fabulous, Tankey~!" They circled around him, mindful of the wings that would no doubt whack him if they weren't. "I can fix your hair. And, yes, that is my excuse to play with your hair again."

31 Oct 17, 10:08 PM
TAKASHI: "You really think so?" He asked, leaning slightly to tug on the pants a bit. "It feels odd having cloth between my legs. I guess ill have to get use it for you. " he grinned. He was actually quite proud that Domi was picking to do a couples costume with him.

31 Oct 17, 10:34 PM
DOMINIQUE: "You should get used to it quickly. With the right pair of pants--euh, not costume pants--it would feel like you weren't wearing them at all." Mostly pajama pants, but if they wanted Takashi to willingly wear pants more so they could dress him up, they would say whatever they needed to. Stopping their circling once they were in front of him once more, they flashed a grin. "Once we're ready, we need to watch a bunch of scary movies. Usually I go to parties tonight, but... staying in for once sounds nice."

31 Oct 17, 10:40 PM
TAKASHI: "Movies sound fun," Takashi agreed, adjusting his pants once more, "don't mind parties but I haven't been to one in a really long time. Apparently I suck at socializing or something. If you can believe that. "

31 Oct 17, 10:44 PM
DOMINIQUE: "What? No." They stepped back, one hand moving to rest on their hip while the other splayed their fingers against their chest. "You have better socialization skills than me! Why, whoever told you that is a liar." And, like that, the feigned disbelief was gone as they reached forward with both hands. "Now, let me fix your hair."

31 Oct 17, 11:32 PM
TAKASHI: He snorted as they claimed he had better social skills then they did. Now even he couldn't believe that. "I suppose I am really good at causing socially awkward moments for people to talk about." he snorted. "Ok, ok, but can we sit somewhere first?"

31 Oct 17, 11:44 PM
DOMINIQUE: "I have yet to bare witness to such moments," they scoffed, withdrawing their hands. "Fine, fine. There's a pile of pillows," that they totally will not be using as a bed when they have deadlines to make or when they want to hide, "over there." They nodded to the far wall where many large, multicolored pillows were sloppily stacked. "Or, we can head upstairs. The couch might be a little more comfortable."

1 Nov 17, 12:08 AM
TAKASHI: "Hmmm," he leaned in to get a closer look at Domi's face, simply studying them for a moment before speaking up. "What would Domi prefer most... I think... the pillows. Yes?"

1 Nov 17, 12:12 AM
DOMINIQUE: Blinking, they stared back with confusion crossing their features. What would they prefer? "... It doesn't matter what I prefer. It's your comfort I am concerned about. Pillows would mean possibly being too closer just so I can get a better angle while the couch has the height advantage."

1 Nov 17, 12:23 AM
TAKASHI: He shook his head, "No, it's yours. You're the one working the magic. I'm going to be in heaven just having you play with my hair again." He snorted, giving Domi a huge grin.

1 Nov 17, 12:24 AM
DOMINIQUE: "You aren't going to budge on that, huh?" Rolling their eyes, they reached back to adjust their wings. "Fine, then. We'll go to the pillows." With a small huff, they started toward the pillow pile, bending down to stack a few pillows for height before sitting down and patting the spot before them.

1 Nov 17, 12:32 AM
TAKASHI: "Nope," he continued to grin, standing up straight again as Domi agreed to the pillows. He followed without a word, slipping down onto the pillows and folding his legs. "Any idea what you are going to do?"

1 Nov 17, 12:50 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Absolutely not~!" They hummed, waiting for Takashi to get as comfortable as he was going to get before they leaned forward. "Like I said, I'm using this as an excuse to play with your hair. It'll come to me... Maybe." Snickering, they reached forward, threading their fingers into his hair as they carefully undo his bun.

1 Nov 17, 03:23 PM
TAKASHI: "Ahh going free style... am I saying that right?" He chuckled, "I actually know nothing about hair beyond how to do buns and that yours is a really pretty color." He sunk a little in his spot as he felt the fingers going through his hair. God he loved that feeling.

1 Nov 17, 03:44 PM
DOMINIQUE: "The proper terminology is Domi style." They snickered, adjusting their hands as Takashi sunk down. "I only know how to style hair and that you're the one with the nice hair color," with a hum on their lips, they gently combed out his hair with their hands. If they wanted to properly do his hair, then they would need a brush, hair spray, and anything else they thought of along the way. However, if they were merely staying in... They might just leave his hair down after spending forever playing with it.

1 Nov 17, 03:52 PM
TAKASHI: "Domi style," he snorted, trying to stay as still as possible now, "I like it. I dunno about mine being the nice color though. Don't people vomit my hair color?"

1 Nov 17, 03:58 PM
DOMINIQUE: Their nose wrinkled at the comparison. "That depends on what they eat, but I prefer to think of your hair color as the hues from gemstones." Taking his hair in their hands, they gently pulled in hopes of tilting Takashi's head back so they could look him in the eye. "Titanite, aventurine, peridot... Your hair color is beautiful, mamour."

1 Nov 17, 04:04 PM
TAKASHI: "Gemstones?" He asked, blinking as his head was titled back. A smile formed on his lips as green eyes settled on Domi. "You really see all that? I don't think I've ever compared hair to gem stones before. Eyes I have. "

1 Nov 17, 04:08 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Oh~ I see that and more!" The smile that curled on their lips only grew with a soft laugh. "Eyes are too easy to compare. They naturally reflect light like a polished gem. Hair, however, is more like the unrefined stone. Often duller in color and underappreciated, yet beautiful all the same."

1 Nov 17, 04:18 PM
TAKASHI: "I really like that point of view," he hummed in reply, "unrefined stones... I'm never going to look at hair the same again. Still, I like your hair better. It always looks really pretty even when you claim its a mess."

1 Nov 17, 04:22 PM
DOMINIQUE: Their smile softened before they carefully pushed at the back of his head with the tips of their fingers to straighten his head. Dominique continued running their fingers through his hair once they could see it once more. "Are you sure you haven't seen me with bedhead before? Pretty sure it's a disgrace against hair everywhere."

1 Nov 17, 05:31 PM
TAKASHI: He settled his eyes on a random object in front of him as his head was pushed forward again, a smile still on his lips. "That I have. A few times. Usually around none. It's a spectacular presentation. " he snorted, over exaggerating.

1 Nov 17, 11:58 PM
DOMINIQUE: "I... don't believe you!" They huffed, a pout forming on their lips. They began braiding his hair, finding it to be less repetitive than simply coming their fingers through his hair. "There is nothing 'spectacular' or 'pretty' about bedhead, even my own."

2 Nov 17, 02:20 AM
TAKASHI: "You make everything looks pretty, even bed head," Takashi blurted out. "When I get out of bed, my hairs like a great big sea monster attacking."

2 Nov 17, 02:22 AM
DOMINIQUE: They blinked, glad Takashi could not see the slight heat that rose to their cheeks. Passing it off with a soft chuckle, they combed out the braid before working on another one. "That sea monster could be tamed the night before, you know. Or, well, mostly. Guess I don't have too much room to be entirely confident with that."

2 Nov 17, 02:32 AM
TAKASHI: "It- wait," He turned his head, "Really? Oh.. ops. I'm sorry." he quickly turned his head back when he realized what he had done. "Hope I didn't mess it up." Actually, he didn't mind if they had to start over.

2 Nov 17, 02:37 AM
DOMINIQUE: They almost pulled their hands back when Takashi moved his head, and a snicker formed on their lips. "Don't worry about it." They combed out the messed up braid, making sure it did not tangle, before they began working on a fresh braid. "There's a product you can put in your hair before you go to bed so it doesn't frizz or tangle too much at night. Works most of the time if applied properly."

2 Nov 17, 02:54 AM
TAKASHI: He humm slightly as Domi continued to play with his hair, his eyes closing to enjoy it fully. "Takes down frizz and tangles?" he asked, "That sounds like a dream come true. I did try a product that was suppose to do that once but it ended up making my hair look really greasy."

2 Nov 17, 03:36 AM
DOMINIQUE: "It tends to be a hit and miss depending on the type of hair. I might be able to find something more suited for yours." Making a couple of braids, they began loosely tying them together to make bows, grinning to themself as they worked.

2 Nov 17, 03:44 AM
TAKASHI: "Well, I won't complain if you do," he chuckled, "I can always just take a shower in the morning if it doesn't." He would most morning anyway. "How's it look so far" he asked, opening his eyes.

2 Nov 17, 09:14 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Showers help," they hummed, tying off another braid bow. "Oh, it looks great! You'll love it for sure!" Despite the held back snicker, their smile could be heard in their voice.

2 Nov 17, 11:57 PM
TAKASHI: "Really," he asked with a smile, "I can't wait to see it." Yes, he was foolishly believing them. Not that he'd be shocked if his hair was a mess afterwords. He really wasn't doing it for the looks. He just liked it when Domi played with his hair. "So have you ever done anyone elses hair or just mine?"

3 Nov 17, 12:01 AM
DOMINIQUE: It was a good thing he simply enjoyed them playing with his hair because that was all they were doing. Either it would look like a five year old did his hair in the end, or they might manage to accidentally do something somewhat presentable. Regardless, he was going to have a ton of braids and bows, and their cheeks were beginning to hurt from trying to contain their laughter. "Just yours~! There's always someone else to do hair at shoots, and I haven't tormented my pups that much to pin them down to do their hair."

3 Nov 17, 12:09 AM
TAKASHI: "I feel like having some professional hair... person doing your hair wouldn't be the same." Or at least, he always imagined them being too rough. "But if this is torment, then you can torment me any day."

3 Nov 17, 12:11 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Oh, definitely not. They're on a tight schedule and attack you with brushes and hair spray. You would get a slightly better experience at a salon rather than backstage at a photoshoot or runway." They finally allowed their laughter to slip, though it was easily disguised as being directed to what Takashi had said. "Mamour! I didn't know you were into that."

3 Nov 17, 12:17 AM
TAKASHI: "Ugh, I would rather sit on a fire than have that done," He claimed with a snort. Clearly he wouldn't but he thought that was a good comparison. When Domi laughed, Takashi couldn't help but turn his head slightly in an attempt to glance at them. "Wait- What... what could that be a double meaning for?" Yup, right over his head.

3 Nov 17, 12:24 AM
DOMINIQUE: "A grass type like you would shrivel up and die in a fire, so I'll do your hair instead of them." Their laughter slowly died down into snickering, and they leaned their head to the side to catch Takashi's eye easier when he turned his head. "You really don't know? Oh, you poor, innocent soul!" They cooed, nearly forgetting themself as their hands pulled from his hair to wrap around his shoulders, only to stop before their hands could even reach him. No, bad Dominique. They quickly pulled their hands back. "I'm not about to corrupt that innocence."

3 Nov 17, 12:28 AM
TAKASHI: "Ahh, true. Good thing I have you then," he chuckled lightly to himself. Though it didn't last long. "Me? Innocent? I'm not innocent." A scowl crossed his face as he looked away, not even noticing Domi's almost attempt to wrap their arms around him. He only noticed that had dropped his hair, causing him to turn fully to face them, scowl still on his face. "But then I'll just be ignorant. I don't want to be ignorant. Wait, let me guess. It's something sexual?"

3 Nov 17, 12:33 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Ehhh..." A sheepish expression filled their face as they leaned back slightly, letting Takashi turn around. Their hands had remained awkwardly in the air before one pulled back to cover their mouth with the tips of their fingers and the other dropped to their lap. They quickly averted their gaze, nodding. "Torment usually plays in with, uh, masochism..."

3 Nov 17, 12:38 AM
TAKASHI: Ops, had he turned just as they were going to work on his hair again? Oh well, he'd turn back again soon. "Masochism... maso- ohh! Oh. That. Right. Yes that makes sense now." He cleared his voice, "Lets um... forget I said anything." he chuckled after that, shaking his head slightly.

3 Nov 17, 12:44 AM
DOMINIQUE: They were quiet for a moment before they leaned back a little more, letting the hand that was on their mouth drop down to press against the pillow behind them. "... Perhaps we should start our movie night early."

3 Nov 17, 12:53 AM
TAKASHI: "Aw," he frowned slightly, "Does that mean you're done with my hair?" He didn't really mind, though the frown stayed. "Is... everything ok? If you're into masochism, it's ok. Honest. I won't judge."

3 Nov 17, 12:58 AM
DOMINIQUE: "For now, I am," they hummed, hoping Takashi would stand up so they could. However, when he didn't, a blush tinted their cheeks at his assumption. "Non!" They leaned back a little more. "Everything's fine, but I am de-definitely not into that! Or anything! W-we just have a lot of movies to watch, and I want to get a head start on it!"

3 Nov 17, 01:11 AM
TAKASHI: He had attempted to keep the frown on his face. He had wanted to stay serious but... well how could he was Domi was not only blushing but also stuttering over words? It was most amazing thing he had ever seen and he couldn't help the grin that was quickly spreading over his face. "Oh, really?" He leaned forward as they leaned back, "Are you sure? I've heard GBG's can get pretty wild."

3 Nov 17, 01:23 AM
DOMINIQUE: They did not like that grin that turned on Takashi's face. They leaned back even more, putting their other hand back for support so they wouldn't fall over. "Positive! One-- one hundred percent! I'm not that t-type of Granbull!" Their voice raised in pitch, and they quickly cleared their throat in hopes it would return to normal.

3 Nov 17, 01:29 AM
TAKASHI: Oh this was waaaay too much fun to just leave be. "Ahhu," he replied, plopping his hands onto pillows on either side of Domi so he could lean in further. "You seem really flustered though. Sure there isn't anything wrong? You now you can tell me anything right? I wont tell a soul."

3 Nov 17, 01:33 AM
DOMINIQUE: "I'm fl-flustered because o-of what you're implying!" They may be one to flirt with people for reactions, but, when it came down to it, they were all bark and no bite. Dominique allowed their hands to slip out from behind them, letting them fall back on the pillows as they reached up and covered their face with their hands. "Nothing's wrong!"

3 Nov 17, 01:44 AM
TAKASHI: "Me? Implying something," he pretend innocence, "I'm just trying to help!" He couldn't hold back laughter when Domi fell back on the pillows and covered their face. It was a full hearted which slowly died out as he turned into his side so he could preposition himself to lay down beside them. One hand was used to prop himself up a bit as the other slowly came out to reach for Domi's hands. He had paused just as he was about to touch them, hesitating for a moment before he finally decided to go ahead with the motion. Domi wasn't ever going to hurt him. He knew that. He knew he could trust them. It was silly to get so anxious when touching them and yet there he was, trying to convince himself of that fact. "Then you don't have to hide from me!" He chuckled, attempting to pull one of their hands away from their face, a smile still on his face.

3 Nov 17, 01:50 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Your help is unnecessary!" Their voice squeaked and they quickly closed their mouth, biting down on their lips as if it would magically make their voice return to normal. They were tempted to peek out between their fingers when the pillows around them shifted as Takashi laid down beside them, but they resisted. That is, until they felt a hand on their's. They stilled, uncertain how to take the touch, and they allowed one of their hands to be pulled away. The other merely moved to accommodate, splaying over their eyes to hide most of it while allowing them to sparingly peek out at Takashi. "I don't, b-but I will!"

3 Nov 17, 01:59 AM
TAKASHI: "What? No, I'm pretty sure my help is always necessary." His tisked, chuckling a little after. He did have to admit, he was impressed with how well they were able to hide their face with one hand. "But if you keep hiding," He pulled their hand closer to his chest, his own body leaning slightly over Domi again. The action itself had his heart beating rapidly but he did his best to ignore it. "How will we watch our movie?"

3 Nov 17, 02:04 AM
DOMINIQUE: A small whine escaped from them as they closed their fingers, cutting off the vision of the man beside them. They were confused greatly by how far Takashi was willing to go just to tease them, though there was that part of them that did not want him to stop, even if they were growing increasingly embarrassed. Rather, they did not want him to let go of their hand, so they kept any comment or question about his actions to themself. "I can... figure something out! Maybe... I always do!" Their fingers cracked open to peer up at Takashi before quickly closing once more, their blush darkening.

3 Nov 17, 02:21 AM
TAKASHI: Takashi found himself continuing to laugh as Domi kept the had over their eyes, their cheeks noticeably reddening more. He really hadn't known he could cause such a reaction from Domi but he loved it. Part of him wanted lean over and simply ho- the smile on his face suddenly vanished as he realized what he wanted, a sudden panic rushing through him. He hadn't ever felt this way before and just the thought of it was frightening him. He wasn't sure why. Perhaps he had let too many walls fall too fast. Yet he had been really happy. No, he was still really happy. Was Domi? For some reason he was doubting it. Doubting himself. Doubting everything. The result? He just laid there, his hand squeezing Domi's tightly as stared into nothingness.

3 Nov 17, 02:32 AM
DOMINIQUE: They were expecting some other comment, more teasing, anything. When they were met with silence, they could feel the embarrassment wash away. The heat lessened on their cheeks, and they slowly cracked open their fingers once more. Blinking, they turned their head and let their hand slip from their face, focusing their eyes on Takashi as a small, worried frown turned on their lips. "Mamour?" They shifted slightly to face him more, their thumb slowly beginning to move to rub against the hand that held theirs captive.

3 Nov 17, 02:50 AM
TAKASHI: "Huh?" All at once it was like he had snapped back to the present world with a small jolt to his body. His eyes slowly refocused, allowing Domi to fall back into view as he blinked a couple times. He couldn't get his heartbeat to slow but he also didn't want to worry them. he had done this to himself. "We should watch the movies now, yes?" Despite his attempt to sound normal, his body was shaking, the grip he had on Domi's hand never loosening. He did realize this and in an attempt to cover it up he quickly pulled himself up, raising before trying to pull Domi onto their feet as well. "Come on, lets head up stairs."

3 Nov 17, 02:56 AM
DOMINIQUE: Worried blue eyes searched Takashi's features for signs of, well, anything. They did not miss the slight flinch when they called out to him, and they definitely did not miss the way he had to refocus, the way he quickly changed the subject. Parting their lips to say something, they were cut off when Takashi suddenly stood up, and they quickly placed their other hand beside them to push themself up with Takashi's help, not wanting to be a dead weight. "Takashi..." They tried, refusing to let go of his hand unless he pulled away first. "... Do you need tea?" They would have tried to pry, but they figured it would be better to calm the shaking leaf first.

4 Nov 17, 05:33 PM
TAKASHI: He didn't let go, though it was hard to tell if he was even aware that he had the hand still. His mind was set on Domi and his attempts to calm himself. He was just about to lead them towards the stairs when his name was spoken, causing him to pause to look at them questionably. When the offer of tea was brought up he smiled and gave a small nod. "I think yes. Tea would be very good right about now. "

4 Nov 17, 05:37 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Tea it is, then." A small, soft smile slipped onto their lips, though the worry was ever present in their eyes. They had planned on watching movies all night, but if Takashi fell asleep because of the tea, then... Well, they were fine with that. "I'll have Maeva make it once we're upstairs. Popcorn, too!" Their smile widened slightly.

4 Nov 17, 05:41 PM
TAKASHI: "Tea and popcorn," He repeated the two words, "I don't think I've ever had both together before. I like the sounds of it." He tried to let out a laugh though it wasn't nearly as true as the ones before it. When he finished speaking, he turned again, making his way towards the stairs and taking Domi with him.

4 Nov 17, 05:45 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Well, there's a first time for everything! I'll have her bring some other snacks, too, just in case it's actually disgusting." With a soft laugh coming from their lips, Dominique allowed Takashi to take the lead. Blue eyes remained focused on the man's form as they walked, their smile faltering to allow their worry to show through.

4 Nov 17, 10:09 PM
TAKASHI: "I'm sure it won't be bad," he chuckled as he headed up the stairs, "But I won't complain about more snacks ever." He hadn't stopped to look at them again until they were up the stairs and halfway to living room. "Domi... I..." he turned to face them, "I'm sorry if I make things awkward."

4 Nov 17, 10:14 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Just don't dunk your popcorn in your tea and it'll be fine," they snickered, blue eyes pulling away once they were up the stairs in search of Maeva. Thankfully, they did not have to look far as the Noivern shuffled down the stairs, peeking over the rail. Dominique motioning toward the kitchen with their free hand, and the bat nodded before taking to the air and gliding into the kitchen. Their attention returned to Takashi just before their name was called. "Oh, mamour..." They gave his hand a gentle squeeze, their smile returning to their lips. "What is life without a little awkwardness? You have nothing to apologize for."

4 Nov 17, 11:38 PM
TAKASHI: "I’ll try not to," he snorted, shaking his head. Soggy popcorn just didn't sound good at all. It reminded him of when too much butter was added. Domi response did make a small smile return to his lips. "You're not just saying that to make me feel better are you?"

4 Nov 17, 11:43 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Maybe I am; maybe I'm not." They hummed in response, turning their head away. "A little of both, actually." Their eyes lingered on nothing in particular on a far wall before they allowed their gaze to return to Takashi. "You should never feel the need to apologize to me for your actions unless you do something really dumb. I don't want you to feel anxious around me, or even at all. I want you to be comfortable and happy wherever you are."

5 Nov 17, 12:04 AM
TAKASHI: Takashi head tilted to the side when Domi claimed they both did and didn't. He honestly expected the answer to be no. It seemed Domi was willing to be completely honest with him even when it came to white lies. He liked that. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to get... anxious. I just haven't been close to anyone other than Ren in, well, my whole life. Ren... I don't even know how it happened. It just did. But... that's not the point. The point is, I'd like to be that way with you too but then I over think and I panic which makes me over think more and panic more and it's all really silly... I also... I can't promise I won't do something really dumb sometimes. "

5 Nov 17, 12:20 AM
DOMINIQUE: There was that apology again, right after they said not to. Yet, the small smile on their lips did not falter, not even as they listened. They waited until Takashi had finished before they took a step closer. "Takashi, these things take time. You have known Ren for years, so you have already taken the time to become close enough to him. As for me, I ask for nothing but your happiness, so go at your own pace. If that means waiting until we are old and gray, then I will gladly wait for you." They pulled the hand in their grasp up, bringing it to their chest as their smile widened. Their tone turned light and airy as they teased, "And, I expect you to make mistakes and do dumb things. I wouldn't believe you even if you could promise me otherwise."

6 Nov 17, 01:13 AM
TAKASHI: He listened in silence, a small stunned look on his face followed by a smile as they raised his hand to their chest. When they finished, the first thing he did was let out a small laugh. "Am I that good at doing dumb things?" He really was. His free hand slowly lifted up after that, cupping Domi's cheek lightly. "Thank you," his smile grew slightly, "For everything. It- it really means a lot to me." He let that sink in for a moment, rubbing their cheek with his thumb for a moment before pulling it away completely. "C’mon, let’s go watch those movies. Would hate to spoil Halloween being sappy."

6 Nov 17, 01:22 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Oui, you are," they chimed. They managed to keep their smile from faltering as a hand reached for their cheek, honestly surprising them from touch. They said nothing of it, however, not wanting Takashi to pull away too soon. "I should be the one thanking you, mamour." Yet they did not voice the silent thought of, 'After all, you are my reason for living.' The shrill cry of a kettle and the distant sound of popping kernels tore their eyes away for only a split second before they refocused, adding their own soft whine to the mixture. "Aw, but a sappy Halloween is almost as good as a scary one!" With a quiet chuckle, they turned away, this time taking the lead toward one of the in-home theaters. "You better make Serbati sappy, then~!"

7 Nov 17, 11:42 AM
TAKASHI: He was about to ask why he should be thanking them. After all, he was certain he owed them more then he could ever repay in a lifetime. After all, they not only saved his life but they have him a shelter and continued to deal with his lame ass day in and day out. Sadly, before he could ask that question, the kettle went off and the other topic took over. "I can't make any promises it will be," he snorted, following after Domi, "but probably will be. I'm moody during Serbati too." Mostly because he had always been jealous of that day.

7 Nov 17, 01:19 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Tankey, you are not allowed to be moody during Serbati!" They huffed, casting a quick glance this way. "You are spending it with me this year, and I will make sure it is your best yet!" As long as they didn't ruin the holiday themself. A big holiday supposed to be spent with family? That was just asking for them to think about it. Quickly dismissing the though, they strode into the theater and quickly beelined for the shelves filled with movies. "Let's see... do we want slasher? Paranormal? Cliché 'it happened on Halloween'?" They glanced back at Takashi. "What do you think?"

7 Nov 17, 01:29 PM
TAKASHI: Takashi snorted, "Do you know how many times Ren has forced me to come over for Serbati dinner? If I get to come here instead, it will one hundred percent be the best Serbati ever." he paused, "But we might have to invite him." He chuckled, pausing as he the movies were pointed out. Well, he knew slashers were out. "Mmm, I say paranormal. Let’s see how well we can guess which ghost pokemon are real and which ones aren't." He remembered the kids at the Fiores mansion use to do that all the time.

7 Nov 17, 01:50 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Come here?" They echoed, wrinkling their nose. "Tankey, you live here. You don't have to go anywhere... but, we can invite him if you want us to." They may or may not have been counting on a Serbati with just the two of them, but they could suck it up. A soft hum came from their lips as the tip of their finger glided across the cases. They picked out a few movies before taking off to set up the projector. "Make yourself comfortable, mamour~!"

19 Nov 17, 02:27 AM
TAKASHI: "Ah," he paused to think about that, "right... It's just... I'm sorry. It's really new to me. Keep thinking you'll kick me out someday or something." He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. He stopped only after Domi told him to make himself comfortable, his body turning to look for a spot to sit before plopping himself into a sofa. "This rooms really cool. I bet gamers would die for a room like this. "

19 Nov 17, 02:35 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Oh, mamour, I will never 'kick you out'. Confine you to your room if you can't play nice, sure, but never that." After all, they would be doing a terrible job at making this place suitable enough to be called home for the both of them if they did that. Dominique pressed the power buttons before shifting around to find the remote. Placing one of the discs in the DVD player, they waited a moment to make sure the projector was connected properly as the blue screen displayed across the room turned into the main menu of their first movie. With a hum of approval, they turned away, remote in hand, before walking over to where Takashi was and sat down next to him. "Thank you for reminding me to set up the game consoles in here later," they snickered, making themself comfortable before holding out the remote and pressing play.

19 Nov 17, 02:41 AM
TAKASHI: "I will play nice!... maybe... ah... actually, depends who's over. " he snorted, scratching his chin for a moment before the screen turned on. His attention went straight to it, curious to see what was picked. Though his eyes didn't stay on it for long, instead following Domi as they moved to sit down as well. "I'm going to have to try one someday."

19 Nov 17, 02:43 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Try?" They echoed, setting the remote down before turning their eyes to Takashi. "Video games? Have you never played?" Disbelieve crossed their features, the starting movie already forgotten as they turned slightly to face him.

19 Nov 17, 02:44 AM
TAKASHI: "Ah... no?" He blinked a couple times, " is that a bad thing? I mean, as a kid I couldn't afford them and as an adult I never really had time.

19 Nov 17, 02:48 AM
DOMINIQUE: They were quiet for a moment, the thought of a child never playing video games seeming so strange to them. "... Huh." They leaned back against the sofa, turning their eyes to the projector screen. "... We're having a game night, then. You have so many decades of video games to catch up on, my dear. Ah, um... Solo games. You don't need to see my competitive gaming side yet." Glancing Takashi's way once more, they flashed him a sheepish smile.

19 Nov 17, 02:59 AM
TAKASHI: "A game night," he asked as another smile grew on his lips, "and you with a competitive side? I couldn't imagine it." He chucked again, "but alright. That sounds fun. I've always wanted to try that um... Zelda is it? He's the one with the sword, right?"

19 Nov 17, 03:03 AM
DOMINIQUE: "You shouldn't imagine it. It's not a very flattering side of me," they sunk down in their spot before cringing. Dominique leaned forward before taking off the fake wings, its wires already bent oddly from sitting on them. They tossed the wings to the floor before situating themself once more. "Zelda's the princess, but yes. I think I have a couple of those games."

19 Nov 17, 03:09 AM
TAKASHI: "I'm sure it's a very interesting side to you. I'd like to see it someday." He'd also like to see the side of Domi that got them into the gbg's but he didn't feel the need to voice that yet. "The princess? Wait but... why do they call it Zelda then?"

19 Nov 17, 03:15 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Just don't let it turn you away from video games forever~" they chimed with a faint chuckle. Their competitive streak in the confines of their own home was dangerous for controllers. Who knew if that danger would travel to people since... Well, this would be the first time having someone over for video games. "I... have no idea!" They might have said more, but the first scream that filled the room from the movie caused their attention to snap back to it. Just ignore their flinch.

19 Nov 17, 03:20 AM
TAKASHI: "I’ll try not to let it," he laughed, shaking his head. He laughed some more when Domi claimed they didn't know why it had the name Zelda but he didn't say anything more on it. Instead he watched Domi as they turned towards the movie and continued to watch them for a moment longer before his eyes turned to watch as well. He had no idea what was going on but he still jumped slightly at the jump scare. It caused him to chuckle to himself as his eyes drifted back to Domi to see how they had reacted.

19 Nov 17, 03:28 AM
DOMINIQUE: Eyes glued to the screen as the completely expected events after a group of friends played with an Ouija board unfolded, Dominique pulled their legs up to their chest, resting their feet on the sofa cushion as their arms moved to wrap around their legs. As much as they would like to claim a paranormal movie to be ineffective against them, some movies still had quite the effect on them, captivating them to the point where most parts that were meant to be 'scary' actually worked on them. They flinched once more, their breath hitching, as the door to the theater room opened suddenly. Dominique whipped their head around to see what happened, only to find Maeva entering with a large bowl of popcorn, drinks, and the tea. They groaned, turning away. "Dear lord, Maeva..."

"Dear lord, Maeva..."

19 Nov 17, 01:07 PM
TAKASHI: Takashi was just about to say something to Domi. They looked frightened which was both adorable and worrisome. Hee didn't want them to be scared, which little to Takashi's knowledge, was the point of watching horror movies. Thankfully, Maeva walking in had stopped him just as he opened his mouth. "Ohh, tea," Taka grinned, "that will help. You seem a little on edge. " it was safe to say That Taka wasn't finding the movie scary. Then again, watching Domi watch the movie had that affect.

19 Nov 17, 02:07 PM
DOMINIQUE: "The tea's for you, mamour," they mumbled, eyes glued to the screen once more. "These movies are--" another flinch as a vase shot across the room in screen, "--supposed to put you 'on edge'... not that I am, of course." Maeva rolled her eyes as she set down everything on a nearby coffee table. She left immediately after, slowly closing the door this time so Domi wouldn't notice.

20 Nov 17, 02:13 AM
TAKASHI: "Oh, right, I knew that." Takashi smirked as he listened to Domi explain the movies. He wanted to claim the tea would still be good for them then, but he held that back, instead smirking more as Maeva rolled her eyes. "You handle your horror movies very well. Probably all that training as a big powerful boss and all." Ops, was there some sarcasm in there? He chuckled as he turned, poring himself some of the tea.

20 Nov 17, 02:18 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Definitely that," they mumbled, wide blue eyes focused on the screen. They were still for a moment before they slowly started to move, releasing their legs so they could lean forward and pick up the large bowl of popcorn. Leaning back, their hand worked on autopilot to shovel popcorn into their mouth.

20 Nov 17, 02:23 AM
TAKASHI: Takashi was just about to scoop a large clump of sugar into his tea when he stopped himself and thought better of it. This tea was suppose to help him calm down. Drinking it with a bunch of sugar wouldn't probably help. So, instead he sat back with the cup and lifted it to his lips. He was content drinking it quietly as he watched the movie and every now and then eyed Domi. Especially whenever something frightening began happening. It was cute watching them react.

20 Nov 17, 02:33 AM
DOMINIQUE: With each minor scare, they flinched. With each change in background music, they tensed. If it wasn't for the hand that refused to let their mouth be popcorn free, they might have frozen completely while staring down the movie. Then came a larger surge of paranormal activity, and they nearly jumped out of their seat, and a short squeak escaped them. The jerk caused popcorn to spill out of the bowl, scattering across their lap and onto the sofa and floor. "Merde," they hissed, prying their eyes away from the screen to check the damage. Then the door suddenly opened once more, and the grey blur of a Minccino made them flinch once more. Cosme, unbothered by their actions, set to work cleaning by stuffing the stray popcorn into his cheeks, filling them up before dusting everything off with his tail. Dominique's eyes tracked his movements until he hopped off the couch and scurried off to hide somewhere in the room, already figuring the might make a mess again.

20 Nov 17, 02:49 AM
TAKASHI: Takashi couldn't help but laugh when Domi spit the popcorn. He was just about to start cleaning it up when the little mouse Pokemon came in a promptly began to do it for them. Once the mouse was gone, Takashi turned back to Domi, eyeing them for a moment before reaching out for the popcorn. "Lets just set this down for the remainder of the movie. You don't want Cosme to start lecturing you and ruining it, do you?"

20 Nov 17, 02:53 AM
DOMINIQUE: Blinking, they turned their eyes to the screen before quickly averting it to Takashi. "Huh?" They glanced down at the bowl before letting out a small, "Oh... yeah. Sure." They were certain Cosme would just eat it rather than lecture them, but they allowed Takashi to take the bowl anyway. "Sorry you had to see that." Even though he laughed at them. Embarrassment rose to their cheeks as they quickly returned their attention to the movie, bringing their knees up to their chest once more to hold onto.

20 Nov 17, 03:00 AM
TAKASHI: He didn't say a word as Domi apologized. Instead, he set the bowl down, smiling all the while. He was feeling...w ell good. Relaxed. The movie it's self wasn't frightening at all. He had been through his own hell's to be afraid of something like this. However, he was a little jealous Domi was enjoying it so much. Jealous and slightly worried. They looked like they could spring at the next big scare and now they had no popcorn to toss. Perhaps he could just... no... but maybe... he slowly inched closer... just in case.

20 Nov 17, 03:06 AM
DOMINIQUE: Unaware of what Takashi was doing, or that he was still watching their reactions, their arms tightened around their legs. Their chin hovered above their knees from leaning their head forward, and their wide eyes remained glued to the screen. They flinched once more, their knuckles turning white where they gripped at their arms.

20 Nov 17, 03:09 AM
TAKASHI: Now why were they hugging their knees so tightly like that? Honestly, their knuckles were turning white they were gripping them so hard. Yet Domi had claimed they didn't need the tea. With a sigh, and a moment of fidgeting, Taka decided to slowly wrap one arm over their shoulders, hoping the action would help calm them a tiny bit.

20 Nov 17, 03:13 AM
DOMINIQUE: They stilled for a moment, and it was hard to tell on their face that their attention had shifted from the movie, if only a little bit. The thought of trying to figure out why Takashi had wrapped an arm over their shoulders was quickly shut out with another jump scare, and Dominique instinctively leaned into Takashi. Their grip refused to relax, however. Not yet, at least.

20 Nov 17, 03:22 AM
TAKASHI: Well... it sort of worked? They still jumped and they were still holding their legs in a death grip, but they looked... slightly more relaxed leaning up against him? Or... maybe that was his imagination. Maybe... if just... wrapped his other arm around them... Ok, he felt a little awkward having one around around their shoulders as he other ended up setting on one of their hands, but he had tried.

20 Nov 17, 03:27 AM
DOMINIQUE: The contact seemed to be helping, if only a little bit at a time. Their hand slowly relaxed under his, and Dominique eventually began to shift slightly. It was just enough that they were able to sink down a little further into the sofa, and their head leaned to the side to rest against Takashi's shoulder. Blue eyes remained glued to the screen, and only the slightest of flinches followed the next jump scare.

20 Nov 17, 03:31 AM
TAKASHI: He was a little nervous at first. Not sure if he had done the right thing and slightly worrying that he shouldn't have touched them. Part of him thought about pulling away but then that would probably make things worse and... and then they sunk into him and he could physically feel them slowly relaxing. It filled him with a feeling he had never really felt before. Something.. warm. calming. Perhaps it was just the tea but he was happy. Once Domi had made themselves comfortable, Taka shifted slightly to better wrap his arms around them, his eyes settling on them for a moment before returning to the movie.

20 Nov 17, 03:39 AM
DOMINIQUE: They found it hard to fully focus on the movie now that Takashi was allowing them to lean against them, yet they managed to find it in them to at least follow the plot of the movie. No longer did they jump, only flinching here and there with the occasional muffled squeak that had them leaning into Takashi more. Eventually, their arms managed to unwrap from around their legs, letting them shift into a more comfortable position. As the ghost was finally expelled and the credits began to roll, Dominique did not stir, uncertain if they wanted to get up just to change the movie. After all, there was always that chance of Takashi refusing to let them lean against him once more.

20 Nov 17, 03:48 AM
TAKASHI: He was actually a tad disappointed when the movie ended. It wasn't because he had been upset with the movie, but because it meant they would have to move soon. After all, Domi had claimed they had a full night movies ahead of them. Yet when the credits rolled, Takashi noticed he wasn't the only one refusing to budge from their spot. "It was...ummm... a good movie. A bit scary. Not that you were frightened though."

20 Nov 17, 03:53 AM
DOMINIQUE: "I was-- definitely not scared!" They huffed, finally breaking their silence. They shifted, though it was not so they could stand, instead doing the opposite by making themself more comfortable against Takashi's side. "The other ones are... scarier... But that's fine; I'm here to keep you from getting frightened!" Rather, it was the other way around.

20 Nov 17, 03:56 AM
TAKASHI: Takashi couldn't help but chuckle at Domi's response, his arm giving them a small squeeze. "I don't know what I would do without you," he spoke the words in a teasing manner but in a way, it was a truth. He was growing attached and he hadn't even fully realized it. "Do you have a Pokemon movie changer?"

20 Nov 17, 04:02 AM
DOMINIQUE: "You would die of starvation from a severe lack of pie," they snickered, a smile breaking onto their lips. This was nice. Very nice. They almost wanted to ask they do this more often--the, uh, cuddling thing. During scary movies, of course. But only almost. There was still that worry that Takashi might take it back if they voiced their thoughts, and they did not want to scare him away. "Ah..." They blinked, looking around before letting out a quick, "Cosme~!" The Minccino perked up and climbed onto the back of the sofa. "Be a dear and change discs in the DVD player~?" The rodent blinked at them, uncertain what they meant. "The-- you know the-- ugh... All you know how to do is clean and steal. You're a terrible furry remote."

20 Nov 17, 01:32 PM
TAKASHI: "Mmm that's very true," he laughed, "wouldn't last even a week." Honestly, he was going to get fat someday. At least all the climbing and training he did throughout the day kept him in shape for now. If ever stooped, he was doomed. Takashi watched as the mouse returned, giving a rather confused look when asked to set up the DVD. "He does a good job at cleaning and stealing though. I suppose it's my turn to pick a movie." yet he didn't get yup right away. He just stayed there, holding them for a bit longer. Eventually he did unwrap his art from Domi, standing to walk over to the DVD’s. He didn't take long, picking the first one he found and replacing the one they had watched with it. When he finished He made his way back over to Domi and sat down beside them, once again wrapping his arm around their shoulder.

20 Nov 17, 01:48 PM
DOMINIQUE: While Takashi was right, they refused to move until he was already pulling his arm away. A frown briefly formed on their lips before they managed to mask it, leaning away so Takashi could stand up. They almost returned to the position they were in before, more so because they were cold than the preparation for another movie; however, they allowed themself to wait. They were glad they did when Takashi returned and brought his arm around their shoulders once more. Dominique immediately sunk in once more after grabbing the remote. "What did you pick?"

23 Nov 17, 04:42 PM
TAKASHI: "I think it was called an American haunting," Takashi replied with a smile, glancing towards Domi for a moment. "I have no idea what its about but I'm going to take a wild guess and say they get haunted. Probably by something dead and creepy, or possibly a Pokemon. A lot of ghost types like to haunt places. Usually they pick places uninhabited by people but this is a horror movie after all. "

23 Nov 17, 04:49 PM
DOMINIQUE: Their lips pursed before letting out a soft, ooo~. They glanced at Takashi before turning their eyes to the screen, pointing the remote and pressing play before tossing it to the space beside them. "You'll spoil the movie if you keep that thought process up," they snickered, tilting their head to rest against his shoulder again. "Try imagining it as a world without Pokemon, where the ghosties and demons in the movie really are out to get you and cannot be reasoned with. Opening gateways into the unknown and letting out true evil~! Oh, the horror!"

23 Nov 17, 05:57 PM
TAKASHI: "A world without pokemon?" Takashi mused, "you don't need to add ghosts and demons to that. It sounds terrifying just like that. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it." He chuckled, turning his attention to the tv.

23 Nov 17, 06:02 PM
DOMINIQUE: "Sounds more lonely than scary to me," they hummed, shifting slightly once more. It was not to get more comfortable, it was more to get even closer to Takashi. Blue eyes focused on the screen, and they allowed themself to fall into silence as they watched.

23 Nov 17, 06:14 PM
TAKASHI: "Mhmm, exactly," to be completely alone through everything he had lived through... that sounded terrifying to him. Of course, he didn't really want to get into thoughts right now. He was enjoying himself. He was close to someone and actually enjoying himself. He'd hold on to that for as long as he could.

23 Nov 17, 06:50 PM
DOMINIQUE: Allowing themself to become immersed in the movie, their eyes did not stray from the screen. Blue eyes followed the people on the screen, flitting behind them to observe the scenery, searching for the inevitable signs of a haunting. After what seemed like a long time of not reacting much to the subtle jump scares at the beginning of the movie, they finally flinched and leaned into Takashi more.

23 Nov 17, 10:08 PM
TAKASHI: He was actually rather bored with the movie which caused him to sink more into Domi as the time passed. It wasn't until they flinched that he finally moved a little, silently giving them a small squeeze with his arm. It was his attempt to comfort them without actually pulling them into a hug.

23 Nov 17, 10:19 PM
DOMINIQUE: They soon found themself unable to concentrate on the movie once more, possibly because of the arm that tightened around them, drawing their attention away just long enough to make them lose interest. "Tankey?" They shifted once more, this time turning a little more into Takashi. They still refused to lift their head from his shoulder, but they did tilt it so they could peer up at him. "What would your life have been like without Pokemon?" Perhaps it was not the best question to ask, but they found themself curious now that the idea had been sown.

23 Nov 17, 10:26 PM
TAKASHI: "Hm?" He looked over to Domi when they spoke his name, expecting them to claim they wanted the popcorn again or something. When they asked about the pokemon, his eyes dropped. "I'm... I'm not sure... probably wouldn't be here. Burg helped me through a lot that I dunno if I could have made it through if it wasn't for him. " he rose his eyes again, "what about you?"

23 Nov 17, 10:43 PM
DOMINIQUE: They were quiet for a long while, even after Takashi had returned the question. Dominique tilted their head and pulled their gaze away, focusing on the popcorn and the blurred lights of the movie behind it. "...I probably would have been the same as you... No, I know for a fact I would not have made it. Had it not been for Brice, I would have been raped on multiple accounts. Had it not been for all three of them, I never would have made it into the gang. Had it not been for Maeva, I would've gone through with my other option instead-- to end it all." Their voice shook, and they silenced themself for a moment before managing in a small voice, "And then I never would have met you."

23 Nov 17, 11:14 PM
TAKASHI: He listened in silence as Domi answered his question, his eyes never once looking away as they explained all that their Pokemon had done for them. They had gone through similar things as he had and yet his heart wept more for them than it ever did for him. " No, no, no, you..." his arm gave them another squeeze, pulling them closer to his chest, "you are one of the strongest people I know. You'd have made it. Besides, I'm here now and I don't ever plan on leaving your side. Hell, I'll be here even if you tell me to leave."

23 Nov 17, 11:32 PM
DOMINIQUE: Finding themself pulled closer, they took the opportunity to twist themself a bit for comfort before slowly snaking their arms around his waist. "I am not strong... Had it not been for you, I would have taken my life after that earthquake." They slightly tightened their hold and buried their face. "It... It's a terrible thing to say, and I don't mean to put any pressure on you, but it's true." There was relief in his words, that he would not leave them, yet their words tumbled out with the movie completely forgotten.

23 Nov 17, 11:43 PM
TAKASHI: Takashi was put into shock when they explained why they weren't strong. He knew they had been upset about the death of their siblings but he had no idea just how strongly they had been affected by the whole thing. He found himself opening and closing his mouth to speak but no words came out. So, instead he pulled them closer, wrapping his arms around them tightly and completely forgetting about any of his insecurities. "That doesn’t make you weak," he replied softly after a few moments, "even the strongest of us sometimes get lost for a bit. But... but that's what you've got me for. You picked me up when I was willing to let myself pass away. You were there and hardly even knew me. Someone like you... deserves the whole world in their hands and I'll be here to pick you up every time something seems bad."

23 Nov 17, 11:59 PM
DOMINIQUE: As much as they wanted to shout out and claim he was wrong, their throat constricted and refused to let a sound come out. They bit down on their lips, squeezing their eyes shut while keeping their face hidden in Takashi's chest. 'I don't deserve any of this,' repeated over and over again in their mind. They had been selfish back then, unwilling to let go of the first person in the longest time that they were willing to call an actual friend, despite their lack of knowledge of if they were viewed the same way. At least, that was how they justified it. They would not go to such lengths for anyone else, after all. Their body shook with an uneven intake of air before they managed to find their voice. "Someone like me... You have too much faith in me..." They shifted before nuzzling into his chest. "Thank you, Takashi. For everything."

24 Nov 17, 12:04 AM
TAKASHI: He shrugged when they claimed he had too much faith in them. Honestly, he didn't care if he did or not. He was going to stick to what he said. "No need to thank me," he hummed, one hand lightly rubbing their back. "I'm just a really, really stubborn ass and you're stuck with me." He was trying to lighten the mood a little, make them feel better. He absolutely hated seeing them sad. It hurt him more then half the shit he had gone through in his lifetime.

24 Nov 17, 12:10 AM
DOMINIQUE: Ever so slowly, they found themself relaxing once more. It was too easy to melt in Takashi's hold, and the hand rubbing against their back did nothing to slow the process. "Mm... Stubborn, I can agree with. Ass, you are not." To them, at least. They could not deny that he was toward everyone else. After a moment, they let out a soft sigh. "Sorry for... ruining movie night."

24 Nov 17, 12:15 AM
TAKASHI: "Hi?" He gave a confused look though they probably couldn't see it, "me? Not an ass? I've never heard anyone claim that before." He chuckled lightly for a moment, still lightly rubbing there back. That chuckle ended though when Domi apologized. "You didn't ruin anything. That movie was a bad pick and... I kind of like this. "

24 Nov 17, 12:20 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Then I will be the first and probably the last," they managed a short, weak laugh, muffled by the way they refused to pull their face away from his chest. They were warm, they were comfortable, and, for the first time in a long while, they felt safe. "Does that mean... we can stay like this? At least for tonight." The hesitation was clear in their voice. As much as they would like to remain, if there was any point where Takashi became uncomfortable, they would pull away. Otherwise, there was a high risk of them falling asleep where they were. Not that they were going to tell him that; they might get sent to bed early!

24 Nov 17, 12:26 AM
TAKASHI: Hee chuckled lightly again, "quiet possibly." At least, he was certain even his few friends would claim he's an ass. Not that he cared. He usually did it in purpose. He just... never had a reason to be one towards Domi and honestly, he didn't think he ever would. "It..." He paused and thought over the question for a moment. He wasn't sure why but he didn't feel anxious, worried or even scared at the moment. He really had no idea if it was because he wanted to be strong to keep Domi happy or if it was the tea but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that Domi was ok. "Yes," he finally answered in an oddly calm tone. "For as long as you like or until I have to pee."

24 Nov 17, 12:34 AM
DOMINIQUE: Worry knotted their stomach when Takashi paused after a single syllable. Was he going to say no? They were readying themself to pull away when a yes finally came out, stilling them. A small smile finally pulled up the corners of their lips, and it only grew with soft laughter. "Maybe you should do that now before I get all cozy on you. I won't let you get up once I am."

24 Nov 17, 12:42 AM
TAKASHI: His smile grew when heard Domi laugh softly. He was succeeding. "Hmm," he pretended to think over their suggestion. "Maybe but... It's really warm in this spot and I think I've lost the energy to move. I'd probably never make it to the bathroom."

24 Nov 17, 12:51 AM
DOMINIQUE: "If you've lost the energy now, then you won't have it later!" They whined, but the sound was quickly morphed into a continuation of their laugh. Slowly, they pulled their head away from Takashi's chest so they could peer up at him. "How about you go to the bathroom, I pick out a better movie, and then we can return to this. For the rest of the night because I won't let you go again."

24 Nov 17, 01:02 AM
TAKASHI: "That's... true," he chuckled, looking down at them as they lifted their head up. Afterwards he took a moment to pretend to think over their proposal before nodding. "Alright, deal. I'll even wash my hands after too." It was a joke. He always washed his hands afterwards. Despite him agreeing, though, he didn't move right away. Instead he just sat there, soaking in the feeling of having them in his arms before finally pulling away slowly. "I'll be quick," He whispered the words for no real reason before standing and turning to walk away, the chill of not having Domi up against him reaching his skin. He had no idea why he had been so afraid to touch Domi up until now. Ok, he did, but it seemed foolish at this point. At least for the time being. he knew later, if he let himself, a lot of questions would be flowing through his mind but he wasn't going to allow that tonight. Tonight, he was going to go pee and then enjoy the rest of the night with Domi. Which was exactly what he did. he went to the bathroom, washed his hands and returned with a smile on is face.

24 Nov 17, 01:22 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Oh, please do," their nose wrinkled with disgust, though the snicker that soon followed showed that it was feigned. Sort of. They did not dare pull away until Takashi did, and they sat themself up with their arms moving to quickly hug their thin frame to preserve the heat that was lost. Dominique waited until Takashi left before they stood up, strolling over to the shelves of movies to find something better than the horror movies they had previously picked. Better being something Takashi might actually like, even if it went against the scary movie night plan. They pulled out some historical action movie based in Kanto, one they had never watched but bought anyway once upon a time. It would do, hopefully. Replacing the disc in the player, they returned to the sofa and curled up, shivering slightly as they turned to glance at Takashi as he returned. They flashed him a smile. "Feel better?"

24 Nov 17, 01:41 AM
TAKASHI: "Much," he grinned when he spotted Domi on the sofa again. He did hesitate for a moment but before he could start thinking too much into it, he reminded himself just how much he had liked the warmth of Domi against him. How much he enjoyed seeing them cheer up because of what he had done. He had helped them. Him. Alone. No one else had. With those thoughts in his mind, his smile widened and sat down. He wasted no time to wrap his arms back around them, pulling them closer. "So, what are watching now?"

24 Nov 17, 01:47 AM
DOMINIQUE: One hand reached out as they tugged their gaze away, grabbing the remote as Takashi made his way back to the sofa. Their smile grew as his arms wrapped around them once more, and they quickly shifted about and leaned into him once more. "Ah, some historical movie from Kanto. I didn't check the title, but you might like it... Assuming you don't nitpick," they snickered, hitting play before tossing the remote to the side. They shifted again, turning their body so they could loosely wrap their arms around him as well.

24 Nov 17, 02:28 AM
TAKASHI: "Historical movie from Kanto?" He asked, a little surprised by that, though what the explained after had him chuckle. "I'll try not to nitpick. Oh, I hope it has samurai in it! I'd love to see how their style is compared to mine." Ok, he was a bit of dork when it came to this stuff but he couldn't help it. Everything about them was cool. Probably why he looked up to Ren so quickly when they were younger. "Domi... do you think... we can do this more often?"

24 Nov 17, 02:35 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Mhm!" They tilted their head to rest it on his shoulder again, blue eyes turning to the screen as the movie began its intro. It was adorable to see Takashi nerd out over samurais, so it made them hope at least one was in the movie. They blinked before glancing up at Takashi, humming softly. "I think we can as long as you're willing. I'll never say no to cuddles." Their smile turned into a grin.

[and they watched movies until they passed out! 8D]

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