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Posted by: Maru Apr 19 2016, 09:06 PM
History of Regnum City
So Legends tell...
A new land was found. A land filled with riches as far as the eye could see. There was lush greenery and fruit on every tree. Rivers as pure and clean as a fresh winter breeze. Summer was long but never overbearing. Winter was short and mild. The days were warm, night were cool and the rain never grew too harsh.

When man arrived he was greeted by a mystical snake in the sky. A Pokemon who claimed that she protected this land and all it had to offer. Amazed by the lands beauty, Man praised the Pokemon and her domain. Delighted by this, the Pokemon agreed to let man stay in her land and share her wealth.

What the Pokemon had not known was that Man did not see the same wealth in the land as she did. Instead of lush greenery and fruit, he saw gold and silver. Instead of rivers pure and clean, he saw diamonds and gems. He began to cut down the tree to dig within its soil. He brought machines to help him tear the ground which began to pollute the water and sky. Almost with a blink of an eye, the Pokemon watched as her green wealth turned to grey.

Angered by man's greed, the Pokemon rose into the sky and claimed that she was going to punish them. So with her last breath, she cursed the land, creating a large hole in the ground. Man would forever be able to collect his shimmering treasures but he would never be able to leave his hole.

That cursed land is now known as Regnum City and the curse its self still remains. Though people born on the outside of the city are able to come and go as they please, those who are born inside the city are not. At least, not for long. All who are native to the land have found that when they leave the city, their bodies slowly begin to disappear. Eventually they fade away completely only to open their eyes to find themselves back inside the city walls. After many years they have discovered that they can leave the city for around one to three hours at a time before being 'warped' back.

In the center of the city, a strong magic gathered into eight small air pools. (Whom many claim was produced by the Pokemon's spirit). The people of Regnum call it the Warp Portal and depending on which one you step on, you are transported to another land. Sadly, after an hour or three you are transported back, including those who are not native to the land.

Despite the curse, the city has grown to the millions. With that growth the crime rate has grown through the roof and the greed of the people has only grown worse. The rich grow richer while the poor die of hunger. Those who still fight to gain wealth steal from the rich. The rich hire more law enforcement's to beat down the poor. When that fails, they take matters into their own hand, and once again they grow richer. Sadly this cycle never seems to end.

Posted by: Maru Apr 21 2017, 05:53 PM
Current Events
disaster strikes at the darkest hour
In the dead of the night, as the full moon rose to highest point in the sky and created a soft hue of light over the city, everything changed. It began with a small pulse from the large stone deep within the Colosseum. The very same stone that spawned the large shadowy beast the citizens of Regnum City managed to banish. One after another, more pulses erupted from the large stone, each intensifying in strength. By the time anyone knew what was happening, it was too late. The final pulse shattered the stone and caused a large shock wave to rush through the city. The impact created an earthquake larger than anyone in Regnum had ever witnessed in its entire history.

City buildings crumbled to the ground by the hundreds. The outer walls that had always protected the city shattered, burying and nearly demolishing everything with a hundred feet of them. Thousands lost their lives and millions were injured. By the time the sun began to rise, the lives of those who survived completely changed. The city's center was gone; the only remnants the white stone littering the city ground and the large warp portals hovering within the mess. Some started working together and helping each other out despite what little was left. Others, such as the Saints and GBGs, took advantage of the damage, rising above those who lost everything. The Enforcement, Medical, Pokemon and Science Wings banded together, working around the clock to help those in need, repair damage and reset order to the city.

One small detail almost went unnoticed, until the city attempted to beg outer regions for help. They discovered a distortion surrounding the city, acting much like a force field, that kept people from leaving or entering the city. Not only had the city nearly been demolished overnight, the people now had no way to call for help from outside Regnum. The discovery created more panic, which only led to more crime and more work for the different Wings.

The question is, in all this mess and confusion, where do you stand?

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