regnum city
the city of regnum
Welcome to Forever Forgotten, a Pokemon roleplay set in a cursed city inside a giant hole in the ground. We welcome roleplayers of all levels, and we offer a wide variety of events with chances for members to directly impact the site's overall plot. Join the government wings to maintain peace and harmony in the city, the notorious Yamask Saints or the rising Granbull Gang in pursuit of money or your own personal goals; or perhaps join us as a simple civilian trying to make it on their own.
12/25/17 The Serbati (Christmas) event is now up and running! Grab some free gifts from the Regnum City, trade with your friends and have fun celebrating the holidays with loved (or not so loved) ones!

A new contest: Here! Members are able to compete in creating their own Regnum Pokemon (much like the Alolan Pokemon). Six lucky people will have those Pokemon made officially on the site. Check out the link for more details.

A new event: Here! The GBGs are up to no good and everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. Signups will be running for one week and you will be able to sign up even after the event has started. All of the GBG members have received a password for the locked board. Please do not share this with any other members unless they have a GBG Character.
the cool mom
the sass master
the not-so-innocent bean
the dragon slayer
the security guard
the ultima cosplayer
the code junkie
the council
medical wing
enforcement wing
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granbull gang
yamask saints
Spring has finally surfaced in Regnum, the mass amount of ice and snow slowly beginning to vanish as the flowers take over. Though the rivers still contain some ice and many buildings have fallen to ground due to the earthquake, the colours of spring has managed to make the place seem a tad bit peaceful. Perhaps it's a sign that things will be getting better again soon.
click above for more information!
It came so suddenly and without warning throughout the dead of the night: A sudden pulse throughout the city, followed by another and another. By the time people knew what was happening, a large earthquake shook the city, causing buildings to tumble, grounds to crack and shift and, worse of all, the city borders to collapse. Many lives were lost, others injured and lives completely changed forever.

The power plant in Regnum is still down, but some groups have gotten together with electric Pokemon to help restore some of the electricity to the city. It is suggested not to walk the streets alone as the crime rates have sky rocketed despite the efforts of the Enforcement Wing. Phones and internet is still down, but people have started finding other ways to communicate for the time being. In good news, the weather has begun to warm up, the snow and ice finally melting. Sadly, the barrier is still blocking people from leaving the city.

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Summer Posted on Oct 1 2017, 11:09 PM
Silvally's Ever-Changing Typing
Because that's a thing that happens
Now that Alolan Mons can be used fully in the teams, there are a few things that you should know about one of the new Pokemon: Silvally. In the games, Silvally can change its typing based on the memory it is holding. Here on Forever Forgotten, these need to be bought at our Item Shop.

Things to know:
  • When starting off with a Silvally, you get to choose the typing that it stays at until the memory is bought.
  • When evolving Type: Null, you get to choose the typing as well. And of course, it stays at that typing until you buy the memory.
  • If capturing a Silvally in a catch thread, the typing that it shows up at will be randomly rolled and the Silvally is stuck at that typing until the memory is bought.
  • If buying one in the Pokemon Shop, the Silvally is also stuck at that typing.
  • Once a memory is bought, the Silvally’s typing may only be changed once per thread.
  • The memory can be bought 16 times; once for each of the typings, minus the one that your Silvally started out at.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Staff member! Staff will have a secret list of what people have what kind of Silvally and it will be frequently updated.
Maru Posted on Nov 10 2016, 05:39 PM
Teleportation & Fading Through Walls
because ghosts and abras happen
As many may or may not be aware, there are a lot of Pokemon out there that know the move Teleport. Being a city full of crime, you can probably see how this could become a potential problem if everyone with a Teleporting Pokemon just teleports here and there willy nilly. So, here are some rules to keep in mind when using the move.

  • Teleporting Pokemon can only teleport short distances. Of course, this varies depending on Pokemon's stage.
    • A Basic Pokemon is able to teleport as far as the eye can see. (Humans eyesight)
    • A Stage one Pokemon is able to teleport one mile.
    • A Stage two Pokemon is able to teleport two miles.

  • Teleporting Pokemon are unable to teleport through walls within Regnum city. This is due to special barrier built into every building within Regnum that prevents teleporting through them.

  • The Enforcement Wing and Prisons have an upgraded device within them that not only prevents teleporting but also prevents Pokemon (such as Ghost-types) from fading through the walls.

  • Ghost-types can not bring objects or humans through walls with them.

  • Just like the Enforcement wing, Pokemon are unable to teleport outside the walls of Regnum city.
Maru Posted on Sep 20 2016, 03:58 PM
Battle Rules to Solve Disagreements
When a disagreement arises the battle results will be determined and modded with the following rules: (These can apply after, part way through or before the battle)
Determining the Pokemon's Level Category
Your character's age will play a part in your Pokemon's 'Level' category. A select few key character group positions will also help raise the Pokemon's level by one stage.
Age Level Categories
13 - 20: Level 25
21 - 29: Level 50
30 - 39: Level 75
40 - Up: Level 100
Group Level Bonus
This will raise the Pokemon Level to the next Level Category.

High Council
Chief Medic
Nursing Director
Head Medical Researcher
Therapy Director
Pokemon Knights
Pokemon Leaders
Executive Enforcer
Lead Enforcers
Operations Head
Lead Spy
Infiltration Lead
Control Center Lead
Fire Department Chief
Head Scientists
Lead Forensics Specialists
GBG's Warlords
Yamask Saints Boss
Yamask Saints Underboss
Yamask Saints Consigliere
Yamask Saints Caporegime
a little math
So, I use two of characters to show an example of how I would determine what Pokemon Level my characters have.

Cassius Ackerman: Age 30: Level 75 + Yamask Boss = Level 100 Pokemon
Crom Miller: Age 19: Level 25 + No Bonus = Level 25 Pokemon

So what does this mean? The levels are the Pokemon's actual level and all attacks, abilities and boots strengths will be based off the Video Game stats of the Pokemon at that level.

Some things to keep note of:
- Held items will only allow that pokemon to sue Item based attacks but otherwise, will not boost the Pokemon in any way.
- Only three dodges per Pokemon will be 'successful' even if the modding of the battle started after the battle was already in progress.
- All modding of a battle will begin from the start of the battle, not when the mod is called in.
- All battles will be calculated by an Admin or Mod only.
- All attacks will be ordered in turns. So if someone used more than one attack in a post, the second will be placed behind the other users next attack.
Pika uses Agility and Thunder in post 1.
Char uses Protect and Ember in post 2.
Move order: Agility, Protect, Thunder and lastly Ember. )
Maru Posted on Sep 8 2016, 05:53 PM
Mod-less Thread Guidelines
in case you don't want to wait on mods
  • Player makes first post, either an opening post, arriving in the area, or even just an OOC request for mods to provide Pokemon.
  • Mods provide 6 Pokemon and their gender and personalities that may be encountered
  • You may catch ONE Pokemon per post.
  • If you don't like all of the six you are given, you may catch what you like, and then request the remainder be re-rolled.
  • This continues until you have caught a maximum of six Pokemon for the thread.
  • Each member made post MUST have a minimum of 500 words.
  • You may battle, help, or befriend the Pokemon
    • You must battle at least two of the wild Pokemon.
    • In battle, there must be two attacks done by each Pokemon (yours, and the wild). They don't have to all hit, but there must be two, for a total of four.
  • At the end of each post, you may attempt to catch.
  • A mod will reply with whether or not the catch was successful.
  • Example reasons a catch could fail:
    • Failure to meet word count (yes. we will check.)
    • Failure to maintain the wild Pokemon's given personality.
    • Failure to follow battle guidelines above.
  • You may attempt to catch twice. If both fail, then you must move on to the next Pokemon.
While in development, I (NeverLand) created this example so that it would be a little more clear. I used my character Rayalen, and the Grassland Pokemon. The rest of the staff agreed that had this been real, it would have been a successful catch. This post is over 800 words, but it doesn't have to be.

Pokemon Rolled:
Pachirisu, Electrike, Furret, Tauros, Nidoking, Cyndaquil

Spoiler Alert
Maru Posted on May 13 2016, 04:59 PM
talking pokemon
meowth, that's right!
Can they talk or not? It's true that many Pokemon posses the ability to speak in the TV show, movies and even the comics but here in Regnum, no Pokemon is able to speak human. At least not like Meowth from Team Rocket does on the show.

After talking it over for a long time between the staff members, we have decided there will only be two ways for Pokemon to communicate using human speech.
  • Those capable of learning Psychic
  • Certain devices
Pokemon with the ability to use 'Psychic' will be capable of speaking human through telepathy. That means they can communicate using their mind. Of course, this may be limited. A Pokemon who can speak using their Psychic powers should be well practiced with Psychic moves. That means a newly born Ralts probably wont know how to communicate using Psychic yet. They have to practice and learn the ability to do so. Some Pokemon may be stronger with the ability as well. While some may only be able to communicate with those they feel a strong bond with, others may be able to communicate with everyone. The best thing to do is to think over your Pokemon's personality first and see if such abilities would apply to them.

Communicating through devices is also a very rare thing. In order to have such a device, you need to be able to explain how your character obtained it and why it works. If you wish to use such an item, please PM one of the Admin first and have the idea approved first. Admin will be limiting the number of people who can have them.

Exception: Chatot is the only exception to Pokemon physically speaking. However, this is limited to simply mimics of the human langue.
Maru Posted on Apr 21 2016, 07:02 PM
breeding & colors
ooo so fancy!
Special Coloring and Fakemon
  • Shiny and different colored Pokemon can and will appear at random in some catching threads and the Pokemon shop.
  • Fakemon will only appear when breeding Pokemon and for special occasions such as contests and other events.
  • You can receive a shiny or special colored Pokemon as a starting Pokemon but this will be random and you will not know until your character is accepted or if you've bought it from a shop.
  • Fakemon will be very rare Pokemon and you will not be able to have them as a starting Pokemon unless won it in a contest.
  • You may also buy items in the shops to help better your chances of catching a shiny or uniquely colored Pokemon.
  • All Pokemon are allowed to have small unique appearances that separates them from other Pokemon of the same species. For an example, a Pikachu with pinkish cheeks or a Blastoise with a very dull shell from old age.
  • If you are unsure about a coloring, don't be shy to ask an admin or mod if it's ok.
Breeding Pokemon
  • Pokemon follow the same breeding system as the Pokemon games when it comes to who they will breed with. Pokemon Veekun is a great site if you are uncertain which Pokemon will breed with what Pokemon. Simply check the egg types.
  • You are able to breed with your own Pokemon or with a partners.(With permission)
  • Fakemon are UNABLE to breed.
  • To breed a Pokemon you will have pay 200$ (PokeDollers) per breed. This is for the supplies you'll need to breed the Pokemon properly.
  • When you've decided to breed a Pokemon, Post in the Breeding Center for an Admin to assist you. They will do a random roll to see how many eggs you will receive. You can receive up to six.
  • It takes exactly One Week for an egg to hatch. When they have hatched, an Admin or Mod will edit the post containing your eggs to reveal what Pokemon you received.
  • The Pokemon that hatches can end up being the same species as the father, mother or a mixture of both. The mixture of both is a very rare, and special occurrence.
  • Hatched Pokemon have a small chance of being a special color or shiny ONLY if one of the parents are a special color or shiny.
  • It is up to the owners of the Pokemon to decide how they will be divided between the two.
  • All Pokemon abilities, including for Fakemon, are chosen by the player unless otherwise stated in a contest or event. For Fakemon, you can pick from either parent.
Maru Posted on Apr 21 2016, 07:01 PM
battle & evolution
leveling & evolution
  • Pokemon will not have levels.
  • Battles will all be done in Role-play.
  • You can buy an Evolution item/stone from the Shop or by finding it in a catching thread to evolve a Pokemon.
  • All Pokemon who evolve using stones/items can be evolved by buying the evolution stone in the Shop or finding it in a catching thread.
  • Pokemon who evolve depending on their location/trade/happiness/leveling will instead evolve using the Evolution Stones.
  • Mega Evolution works the same as it does in game. You must either find or buy the materiel to Mega evolve a Pokemon.
  • You may choose up to six moves learnable by your Pokemon. This includes egg moves, TM's, HM's and other learnable moves.
  • All battles are done in role-play in a turn based fashion.
  • It is very important that when battling all members remember the site rules on God-Modding and Power-playing.
Though Pokemon have no levels, it should be common sense that a new trainer or a young Pokemon would have a harder time battling against someone who has been training their Pokemon for many years. That is not to say they will lose every battle, just remember that we want to keep this as realistic as possible. It is also a good idea to talk out the battle beforehand with the other player so avoid complications or disagreements.

You may change your Pokemon's move sets anytime you desire except when battling another player or Pokemon. You must finish the thread before changing that Pokemon's move set.

If at any time someone believes another player is Godmoding or Powerplaying in a battle, you may call upon the Staff to help settle the dispute fairly. The Following Rules will come into play when determining the outcome.
Maru Posted on Apr 21 2016, 06:36 PM
Catch Threads
Character are able to use to the Warp Portals to travel to uncharted lands to catch/battle Pokemon. The Warp Portal is a portal that appeared during the creation of Regnum City. After entering the portal, you will have one hour (In-character time, not real time) before you are warped back to Regnum City. Anything your character was touching (That isn't a wall, tree or something similar) will be brought back with them. For more information on the portal, please refer to the History and Plot.

Each character is capable of having one catching thread open at a time and you may have others join your thread. Being in someone else catching thread allows you to also catch Pokemon in that thread, however, that character will not be able to open up their own Catching Thread until they have left the one they joined. All threads created with the purpose of catching a Pokemon should be posted within The Warp Portal. All topics should have 'Catching Thread' in the topic description so admin/mods are aware you need their assistance in the thread.

The admin and mods will be using a randomized system to select which Pokemon appear in your catching thread and whether or not they have any special coloring. This means they will not have control over what Pokemon show up in your catching thread so asking for a certain Pokemon to appear will not increase your chances of find it.

There are two types of catch threads available to you. You have the traditional catch thread, with you and a mod, which you're all used to by now. But now there is also a new option - the Solo Catch Thread. In this option, it's just you. A mod tells you what pokemon are available to you, and you rp out catching them, they've just got a few extra rules.

Notify staff of your thread: click here!
general catch thread
  • All catching threads should be located in the Warp Portal located in the Regnum Chambers.
  • All catching threads should have 'Catching Thread' in the topic description.
  • A list of Pokemon found in each area is pinned in the appropriate thread.
  • You may only have one catching thread open per character.
  • You may have others join your catching thread but with permission from you.
  • You may choose to battle, help or simply make friends with a Pokemon to catch it.
  • The Pokemon that appear in your thread will be played and controlled by the Admin/Mod up until you caught it.
  • whether or not you catch a Pokemon will be based on your role-play, not the type of Pokeball.
  • During a catching thread, you may have a chance to find a rare item.
solo catch thread
  • All of the above rules also apply here.
  • These threads must be marked Solo Catch Thread
  • Each post in the thread MUST have a minimum of 500 words
  • Mods provide six Pokemon and their personalities (the Pokemon themselves are controlled by you)
  • You may only focus on one Pokemon per post. You may interact with the others, but the primary focus must be on one in particular.
  • Once a mod confirms your catch, you may go on to the next Pokemon that you chose.
  • If you decide you don't want all of the original six given, you may catch what you want, and then ask for a new roll. This can continue until you have caught a maximum of six Pokemon per thread.
  • You can also have a friend come along if you like, which will result in more Pokemon being rolled, but still a maximum of six Pokemon caught per character.
  • More information can be found - Solo Thread Guidlines
Maru Posted on Apr 21 2016, 06:27 PM
starting pokemon
3 baby/basic + 2 first + 1 second
  • Characters may start with 6 Pokemon.
  • You may start with 3 first level, 2 second level and 1 third level Pokemon.
  • Legendary, Mystical and fakemon are not accepted.
  • If there is an overabundance of certain Pokemon, they will be placed on the Banned List.
All characters may start with up to Six Pokemon each. These Pokemon can consist of three Baby/Basic Pokemon (ex Bulbasaur, Alomomola, Axew) two stage 1 Pokemon (ex Raichu, Beartic) and one stage 2 Pokemon (ex Blaziken). If you are uncertain if a Pokemon is a baby/basic, stage 1 or stage 2 Pokemon check out Pokemon Veekun for reference. It lists them all in their evolution for the Pokemon. Be aware that a baby or basic Pokemon doesn't have to be weaker than a stage 2 Pokemon. This system is simply in place to make some of the Pokemon a bit rarer than others.

You may not start with a Mystical or Legendary Pokemon. If you are unsure if a Pokemon is a Mystical or Legendary Pokemon, please refer to the Pokemon Banned List. Also, if the Admin find there is an overabundance of one certain Pokemon, they will be added to the Banned List as well.

All Pokemon can have unique features, for example, a scar on the left eye or paler red cheeks on a Pikachu. However, no starting Pokemon can be shinny or any other special color to start off with. Please read the section on special colored Pokemon for more information on how to obtain them.
Maru Posted on Apr 19 2016, 08:41 PM
Harper Region Topsite
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