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the city of regnum
Welcome to Forever Forgotten, a Pokemon roleplay set in a cursed city inside a giant hole in the ground. We welcome roleplayers of all levels, and we offer a wide variety of events with chances for members to directly impact the site's overall plot. Join the government wings to maintain peace and harmony in the city, the notorious Yamask Saints or the rising Granbull Gang in pursuit of money or your own personal goals, or perhaps join us as a simple civilian trying to make it on their own.
10/15/17 Update Post. @everyone Halloween is coming up in the next couple weeks and to celebrate we are having a few events take place! In theme of the celebrations, there will be four mini games you can play to earn cool Halloween prizes starting Oct 24th. On top of that, a site wide event will be starting at the same time. Be prepared to learn some secrets about Regnum's past!

Lastly, It has been two weeks since the site overhaul and all old applications that were not recreated are now at risk of losing their claims. On the upside, Eevee's are no longer banned!
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Spring has finally surfaced in Regnum, the mass amount of ice and snow slowly beginning to vanish as the flowers take over. Though the rivers still contain some ice and many buildings have fallen to ground due to the earthquake, the colours of spring has managed to make the place seem a tad bit peaceful. Perhaps it's a sign that things will be getting better again soon.
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It came so suddenly and without warning throughout the dead of the night: A sudden pulse throughout the city, followed by another and another. By the time people knew what was happening, a large earthquake shook the city, causing buildings to tumble, grounds to crack and shift and, worse of all, the city borders to collapse. Many lives were lost, others injured and lives completely changed forever.

The power plant in Regnum is still down, but some groups have gotten together with electric Pokemon to help restore some of the electricity to the city. It is suggested not to walk the streets alone as the crime rates have sky rocketed despite the efforts of the Enforcement Wing. Phones and internet is still down, but people have started finding other ways to communicate for the time being. In good news, the weather has begun to warm up, the snow and ice finally melting. Sadly, the barrier is still blocking people from leaving the city.
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 Beach/ocean Pokemon
29 ish years
Pie Eater
 Posted on: Aug 7 2016, 09:18 PM
Beach Pokemon
I'm gonna soak up the sun~
1. Tentacool
2. Goldeen
3. Magikarp
4. Chinchou
5. Marill
6. Wingull
7. Corphish
8. Luvdisc
9. Burmy (Sandy)
10. Buizel
11. Skorupi
12. Panpour
13. Frillish
14. Binacle
15. Pyukumuku
16. Bruxish

1. Psyduck
2. Tentacruel
3. Seel
4. Shellder
5. Seaking
6. Lanturn
7. Azumarill
8. Corsola
9. Carvanha
10. Wailmer
11. Clamperl
12. Wormadam (Sandy)
13. Floatzel
14. Finneon
15. Mantyke
16. Shellos
17. Simipour
18. Jellicent
19. Inkay
20. Clauncher
21. Wishiwashi
22. Mareanie
23. Dhelmise

1. Squirtle
2. Golduck
3. Slowpoke
4. Cloyster
5. Exeggutor (Alolan)
6. Horsea
7. Staryu
8. Omanyte
9. Kabuto
10. Dratini
11. Qwilfish
12. Remoraid
13. Pelipper
14. Sharpedo
15. Crawdaunt
16. Piplup
17. Gastrodon
18. Drapion
19. Lumineon
20. Oshawott
21. Basculin
22. Alomomola
23. Tynamo
24. Skrelp
25. Popplio
26. Oricorio (Pa'u)

Ultra Rare
1. Wartortle
2. Slowbro
3. Dewgong
4. Seadra
5. Starmie
6. Eevee
7. Omastar
8. Kabutops
9. Dragonair
10. Slowking
11. Octillery
12. Wailord
13. Huntail
14. Gorebyss
15. Relicanth
16. Prinplup
17. Dewott
18. Tirtouga
19. Eelektrik
20. Malamar
21. Clawitzer
22. Brionne
23. Toxapex
24. Sandygast

1. Blastoise
2. Lapras
3. Gyarados
4. Vaporeon
5. Dragonite
6. Mantine
7. Kingdra
8. Empoleon
9. Samurott
10. Carracosta
11. Eelektross
12. Dragalge
13. Primarina
14. Palossand
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