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Posted by: Maru Apr 17 2016, 10:31 AM
site rules
  • New members should register using your characters first and last name. No special characters. It breaks the tagging system.

  • You can have as many characters as you can handle but each character should have their own account.
  • Respect! All members and staff should be treated with respect at all times. Characters may be racist, sexist or homophobic, but we don’t allow that in any out of character comments.

  • Keep drama between members off the site. If you are having problems with someone, please PM a staff member and they will see if they can help.

  • To respect all members, any sexual or graphic content should be kept out of the OOC chat. That includes the CBox.

  • Guests and members can advertise and affiliate in the guest-friendly advertising forum. No porn or extremist sites can be advertised on our board.

  • No god-modding, power-playing or meta-gaming. You can’t control any character other than your own, be all powerful, or use OOC knowledge in IC posts.

  • All replies should be in third person using " " for speech. Colouring or bolding speech is perfectly fine.

  • Characters gender and sexual orientation is completely up to you! We accept everything, including transgenders.

  • All characters must be thirteen years or older. Please note that many roles, especially within the government, will require experienced adult characters, so we may ask you to change the age of a character if their current age does not seem plausible for their position.

  • Some characters might be racist, sexist or homophobic. Just don’t go overboard. Any threads over the rating of PG-13 should have a [M] in the title. We do not allow any sexual content with characters under the age of 18, incest, or bestiality. This is to protect the staff and to keep the site from being closed.

  • Our site no longer has any sort of per-post requirement. However, we do ask that you give your partner enough to work with! You need a minimum of 150 words to earn money.

  • Have fun! If you aren't here to have fun... well... then why are you here?
the cbox & icc boxes
  • Be respectful to everyone equally. Bullying is never tolerated. If you feel like you’re being bullied, talk to the staff. We’re here to resolve issues and protect members.

  • The CBox must stay PG-13 at all times. (This includes talk about illegal activities such as doing drugs)

  • The Cbox is for chatting only while the ICBox is for role-playing only. (Small things are fine, but anything more should be brought to one of the ICCboxes)

  • Roleplays in the ICBox do not count as actual events that happened on the site, however, they can be added to the site.

  • No advertising in either the CBox or ICBox. Use the advertising forums instead.

  • Never be shy to ask questions in the CBox. All of the staff would be more than happy to answer them.

  • For more information on the different Cboxs (We currently have 4) please read the Post Below.
  • Face claim images and original artwork should be digital only. We do not allow scans of traditional artwork or images of CGI.

  • All images posted in threads should be no larger than 10000... kidding. If you post an image that is too large for the site, it will re-size it for you. No worries.

  • All signatures should be no larger than 500x200.

  • Cbox/ICBox images should be 100x100, but don't fret if you pick something larger. It will re-size it for you.

  • Please do not use GIF's in the Cbox. ICbox is fine.

  • The large avatar image is 250x400 and can be changed in My Controls > Edit Avatar Settings.

  • The big image that appears in your profile will not re-size itself. The exact size is 710x240. You can change this in My Controls > Edit Profile Info > Character Image.

Posted by: Maru Sep 20 2016, 03:19 PM
The 4 Different CBoxes
and their rules
Cbox #1: The OOC Cbox:
  • Same Rules as listed Above.
Cbox #2: Open IC Cbox
  • All members can join this Cbox with a Characters any time their heart desires.
  • Must be kept PG13
  • Uncreated Characters may be tested here
Cbox #3: Closed RAD (18+)
  • There is no restrictions of content here
  • Created characters only
  • Players may create their own scenarios at any time, but to join an already in progress they must receive the ok from the members involved.
Cbox #4: Closed IC Cbox
  • Must be kept PG13
  • Created characters only
  • Players may create their own scenarios at any time, but to join an already in progress they must receive the ok from the members involved.

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