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Spring has finally surfaced in Regnum, the mass amount of ice and snow slowly beginning to vanish as the flowers take over. Though the rivers still contain some ice and many buildings have fallen to ground due to the earthquake, the colours of spring has managed to make the place seem a tad bit peaceful. Perhaps it's a sign that things will be getting better again soon.
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It came so suddenly and without warning throughout the dead of the night: A sudden pulse throughout the city, followed by another and another. By the time people knew what was happening, a large earthquake shook the city, causing buildings to tumble, grounds to crack and shift and, worse of all, the city borders to collapse. Many lives were lost, others injured and lives completely changed forever.

The power plant in Regnum is still down, but some groups have gotten together with electric Pokemon to help restore some of the electricity to the city. It is suggested not to walk the streets alone as the crime rates have sky rocketed despite the efforts of the Enforcement Wing. Phones and internet is still down, but people have started finding other ways to communicate for the time being. In good news, the weather has begun to warm up, the snow and ice finally melting. Sadly, the barrier is still blocking people from leaving the city.
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 Ahamari Valan, Female, 25, Therapist, Outsider
Medical Wing
 Posted on: Dec 17 2017, 12:54 AM
Ahamari Valan
July 7
Mari, Ahahahamari (derogatory)
Medical wing
Lumiose City
130 lbs
eye color
extra notes
-Equipped with a soothing alto voice and a gentle, graceful manner, Ahamari might be an ideal therapist if it weren't for her unusual eyes. They are low enough in pigment that, depending on the light, they are usually reddish or even cinnabar tinged with brown.

-Ms. Valan likes to keep her hair long and well maintained so she can style it, when there's time; when there isn't much time, a quick brush through and a ponytail or headband are good enough.

-She would be a vegetarian if she had the willpower, but one of her favorite guilty pleasures is a nice juicy medium-rare Bouffalant steak. The vast majority of her diet is plant-based, however, and she avoids most restaurants because she'd rather personally choose what's going into her meal.

-To make extra money, she sometimes takes gigs as a professional dancer - more often the "private" variety than backing up other performers. It doesn't bother her either way unless someone tries to follow her home. While she's pretty healthy and has great endurance along with a gymnast's lean physique, Ahamari lacks much strength and relies on her Pokemon (more than the petite handgun her permit says she can conceal) to help her stay out of trouble.

-Her favorite colors are blue, purple, black, gold, and white. She doesn't care what colors her uniforms or dancing costumes come in, though, as long as they aren't restrictive and won't freeze her out too badly.

Physical intimacy can be a big problem because this lady hates her naked body. She can never quite ignore the faded stretchmarks on her abdomen and the sight or feel of her cesarean scar can nauseate her to the point of wanting to throw up.
positive traits
  • Sociable
  • Coordinated
  • Forgiving
  • Generous
  • Idealist
  • Resourceful
  • Expressive
negative traits
  • Easily infatuated
  • Impressionable
  • Forward
  • Self-critical
  • Squeamish
  • Preoccupied
  • Conflict-averse
  • Flexible (physically and mentally)
  • Diplomatic
  • Patient
  • Too lenient / softhearted
  • Disorganized at home
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Season-appropriate weather
  • Dance
  • Helping others
  • Volunteer work
  • Staying busy
  • Cooking
  • Experimental therapies
  • Grabby men
  • Loud people
  • Intolerant jerks
  • Losing her temper
  • Carrying a gun
  • Hurting anyone
  • Cleaning her apartment
Magic Guard
(Loves bitter. Hates spicy.)

Hope is an even-keeled psychic type with high emotional intelligence and an innate care for distraught individuals, whether human or Pokemon. Small and fragile, the Abra nonetheless provides a steady influence toward tolerance and discussion rather than bickering among Ahamari's team. They consider her sort of like an adopted mother and she does tend to feel compelled to provide comfort when she can, help find compromises when needed, or interpret for them what their human is trying to say. She even been known to mother Ahamari. She's been around the young woman long enough to have a "feel" for her psyche and may silently communicates with her when she feels the need.

Hope has never felt the urge to reproduce, or the urge to evolve, but she chooses to proactively train her mind (and her body to the extent possible) with puzzle games, sparring with her dear friend Ray, levitating objects, and so on. She likes the confidence and control such practice gives her, and the close bond with the Rotom resulting from long-standing mutual respect has helped them with difficult patients in the past.
ID's male
(Loves dry. Hates spicy.)

Ray's delight in his usual role as an experimental therapy Pokemon is tempered by his embarrassed discomfort with praise. He exercises well-trained restraint with his electricity and recognizes the impaired sensory neurons that may respond favorably to tiny sparks from inside patients' bodies. (He first tried it out on Ahamari after she read about the theoretical application of electricity on human subjects.) Out of the entire team, he prefers Hope's company because she's his oldest companion, understands him the best, unerringly honors his preference for masculine pronouns, and does her best to remind him that it's okay to take credit for a job well done. It's well-known around the office that the Rotom is Ahamari's go-to Pokemon if a patient is afraid of psychic types. Ray's sparkly disposition and genuine desire to help others feel better make him a great fill-in, even if he isn't as good at inkblot design, passing tissues, or maintaining steadiness when getting "petted." Many patients appreciate the tingle of his electricity.

While this isn't the life Ray had in mind when he first met Ahamari at the Pokemon daycare, he feels as though he's found his calling. There are still battles to be fought, even if Ahamari didn't go into a training-centered field of study, so the Rotom has a healthy time for releasing what frustrations and uncertainties he may accumulate. Like his owner, he isn't a fan of serious confrontation, but he views training sessions about the same way a human might view a sport. The challenge and excitement is an appreciated change of pace. Even if he loses.
(Thrives on almost anything.)

Tad has always been on the small side, but it isn't something he complains about anymore. There are worse things than being a head shorter than others of his species. He's seen some of those things. He's intent on preventing Ahamari from getting involved in those things, really, but that isn't always possible - like when she ended up pregnant and gave up the baby just because her mother told her it would be hard raising a child. Realistically, Tad understands the decision. Still, it caused him to feel a lot of disappointment in his human that took some time to overcome, mainly with Drake's help in realizing humans can be just as shortsighted as Pokemon (and vice versa). As the only "evolved" and relatively "independent" members of the team, the two tend to buddy up and look after the others like a pair of older siblings might.

Tad may be resourceful and resilient, but he isn't as enthusiastic in assisting at the therapy office as other Pokemon in the team. To this Greninja, everybody has problems; trying to worry about all of that in addition to one's own problems just seems like a recipe for misery, but he can respect those who are selfless enough to give of themselves in the attempt. He just doesn't personally understand the inclination. To Tad, it's better to take care of those who are close - let the rest fend for themselves.
(Loves sour. Hates spicy.)

Drake's friendship with Tad is as solid as a Shuckle's shell. As a Noibat, he came to the rescue when Tad was at his weakest, when the petite Frogadier was cornered and mercilessly teased by a Joltik. Ever since, Drake's done his best to defend his buddy's honor against much-larger opponents, planned ways for the two of them to cover the other's blind spots and weaknesses, even snatched back the Greninja's Pokeball from a purse when an unscrupulous patient "found it" in the ladies' restroom and tried to walk out with it. Now that he's evolved, it's much harder to get that close to strangers, so Drake is more often on security detail than an assistant in therapy where his intimidating expressions might cause discomfort for patients. He can, however, produce a frequency of sound that may help alleviate tension headaches, like any other Noivern. Sound therapy really isn't his favorite part of being Ahamari's Pokemon though; that would be the dancing in her living room to the various types of music she plays. It takes more effort for him to dance on the ground than in the air, but that's an enjoyable aspect of it. Highly energetic, this dual type thrives on periods of frenetic physical exertion followed by rest phases, but any amount of exercise is better than none.

Drake is decisive and would have made a more-than-adequate leader for the team if he didn't choose to defer to Hope. He appreciates her unflappable serenity and quiet strength in an almost romantic way, but keeps that facet of his regard for her well hidden in case it might change their relationship. To the youngest members of the team, he tries to provide a good example: it's uncommon that he questions one of Ahamari's requests. It can be hard for him to feel at ease around Winter, however.
Slush Rush
(Loves bitter. Hates dry.)

Winter might be described on different occasions as canny, secretive, logical, wicked, even manipulative, but above all, she is deliberate in her behavior toward others. She feels at a disadvantage in the team because she has trouble connecting with Ahamari, who tends to be forgiving to the point of absurdity - the Alolan Sandshrew can't help seeing that as a grave weakness, though she likes her human well enough. Winter just doesn't respect her much. Not that she'd ever make that public! Ray is just as bad, almost pathetically eager to please, and in the privacy of her own thoughts, she's probably mocking it for its "pretense" at being male as much as for how hard he's willing to work for people. It doesn't make much sense except to get extra treats.

Before she was purchased by Ahamari's brother as a birthday present, Winter was next to feral - allowed to run almost wild in a temperature-controlled warehouse with a handful of her siblings to keep genuinely wild Pokemon out of the berry supply, which of course they got into themselves on the sly. Most of the time they were keeping out human thieves instead. The more exposure she has to humans, the more sure she is that Ahamari is basically an idiot, so she almost never listens to the young woman during battles. It doesn't matter, really, except that doing things her own way means Hope is "disappointed" for a while. Therapy sessions are a high point for Winter. She prefers dealing with very young children because she's too big for them to genuinely hurt her, and it's natural to avoid hurting them. Children are much more fun to play with than adolescents or adults, and seem to rarely harbor any ill intent. If it wouldn't get her in trouble, she'd like to keep one for herself, but they're still complicated and bound to grow up eventually. The inevitable failure of that experiment is enough to prevent her from trying - just not enough to quell the interest.
(Loves sour. Hates sweet.)

Dart is still young, friendly, and more curious than he probably should be, but he's also fairly patient, willing to wait for his curiosity to be satisfied. He's casually affectionate with just about any human he meets despite others in the team telling him not all people are good people. He hasn't directly come to harm from any yet, or seen the worst things humans are capable of doing, and there's a certain innocence to his easy acceptance of strangers' petting. It does make him a great therapy Pokemon. People are careful enough with him because he's flammable that all he has to do is sit back and enjoy the attention, maybe make appropriate noises now and then, at most snuggle up to the patient. He's not as fond of kids as some of the team, but he doesn't try to hurt them or anything.

There may be fighting instinct somewhere in Dart, but if there is, it's buried pretty deep. He doesn't yet understand why a 'mon like Tad feels combative over something so silly as being a bit short. Dart's got a scar up the outer side of his left foreleg due to a sharp bit of eggshell slicing him when he hatched, and while he's been teased for "clumsiness" before, it doesn't bother him. Why get bugged about something that's true? So far, except for when he's getting a scolding from Tad (SCARY!), about the worst he's ever felt was temporary annoyance when Ahamari had a serious cold and accidentally gave him the wrong food.
Ahamari is the daughter of a widowed research scientist that came from Outside, bringing a girl toddler and young teenaged son with her when she moved here from Lumiose for her job. Of course, Ahamari can't remember a time before the complicated, dangerous city called Regnum was home... as much as it could be, with the reserved distance her family kept because they were always "busy." She grew up aware of the gang activity and crime, but she was kept safe because she had Hope. (Literally.) The psychic type belonged in Maritana Valan's lab along with other Pokemon with mildly aberrant coloring that did not qualify as "shiny." The study wanted to find if cross-breeding the cosmetically odd Pokemon would result in a higher rate of "shiny" offspring that could be even more valuable. The Abra was only a few shades different than the standard ideal for her kind, slightly more tan - quite unlike the highly desirable "shiny" form with dark pads contrasting with obvious paleness everywhere else. In any case, Hope preferred playing tea party with the human girl that was her elder by six years instead of making nice with the male Pokemon that were supposed to court her in the name of science, so Dr. Valan made arrangements for adopting the Abra for Ahamari when the study concluded.

The adults in the little girl's life (and Esham) were concerned that her early attachment to a Pokemon might have unwanted consequences later in life regarding healthy socialization. Professionally, Dr. Valan saw it as an opportunity to study the impact of close bonding through the pre-pubescent, adolescent, and early adult stages to see if those concerns had any merit, and her proposal for claiming Hope "for personal use outside the lab" was full of promises to meticulously record the pertinent data and present it regularly for review. More privately, Dr. Valan felt Ahamari could only be safer with a friendly, teleport-capable Pokemon around, though it took quite a few years for Hope to develop that potential to usefulness.

Ahamari had worked her tail off to try and earn good enough grades in school to follow in her mother's footsteps by then. She wanted most to be a respected professional, though in her case, realizing the long hours required in the research field was a major discouragement from that goal. It wasn't easy having one parent in the first place; having one be absent for most of the time, leaving you at the after-school program until late in the day because your brother had "practice" to go to, well... it wasn't something she would ever want for her own children. And she did want children.

By the age of sixteen, Ahamari longed for a large family so she would never have to be lonely for human company again, even though Hope was absolutely the best friend she could ask for. She even had a list of boy and girl names in her diary that she favored for her babies and looked forward to having a husband helping her pick between them. When she did get pregnant, it was almost entirely due to extracurricular activities in the leadership club. Volunteering at a Pokemon daycare that was short-staffed made her want to adopt a bunch of the adorable little ones resulting from "unexpected" breedings, partly because her boyfriend Mattias worked there and she would get to spend more time with him away from chaperones if she visited the daycare as a customer. Dr. Valan didn't know about Ahamari's infatuation with the young man and offered her daughter the same incentive she'd used to make her son study harder - for each all-A report card, she'd sponsor the addition of a Pokemon to her belt slots. Which of course meant that Ahamari "hired" Mattias as a tutor to help get her grades up in English, though she "paid" him with sex.

The pregnancy was discovered just a couple months before Ahamari graduated, ruining her chance at getting a fifth Pokemon through her mother's "generosity" since Maritana was thoroughly disapproving when she heard the news. Mattias was horrified and vanished from her life almost as soon as he was told, leaving the young woman essentially alone to deal with the issue. It wasn't an uneventful pregnancy. Graduation stress, Dr. Valan's cold recommendations to give up the child so she could still go to college, even the exhausting random squabbling between her Pokemon all took their toll on her health. Giving up "Baby Boy Valan," suffering through recovery post-cesarean without even having a baby to show for it, was one of the hardest things she ever did... something she never stopped regretting. It was the last straw leading her to cutting ties with her own mother because she blamed her decision on Maritana's influence. It was too hard to admit that maybe she wouldn't have been able to cope with a baby without a safety net.

College was approached mechanically after all that. Ahamari lived with Esham for a while and let him talk her into getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon, accepting the squirmy Alolan Sandshrew he gave her for her 21st birthday, taking jobs as a dancer at various clubs because it was good money for a few hours' work (all with a sort of numbness that was slow to melt). One semester, she realized that she needed therapy herself - that maybe it was her main reason for pursuing psychology classes. Getting that kind of help definitely improved her motivation and participation in social events. She became involved in a battle club that met in one of the safest public parks and discovered that some of her Pokemon were more interested in battling and evolution than others. With healthier distractions from study time, Ahamari became more efficient in that too, finally graduating with high marks after the rough start that smoothed the way into her current day job as a therapist. She rewarded herself for these successes with a random fire type egg from a shop. Late that autumn, it hatched into a Cyndaquil.

Recently, the earthquake that racked the city apparently took Esham away with it. He hasn't made contact, and Ahamari fears that he was one of the casualties. All the drama and activity in the aftermath have honestly been a great distraction from her emotional issues. It's easier for her to help others discuss their problems than to face her own, though she does feel she has a distinct advantage since her Pokemon are much better trained for assisting in therapy than for combat. But when she's having a bad time of it, Ahamari is willing to take time from her self-imposed volunteer work, day job, and part-time dancing to go to an art group therapy session herself.
Kat from Gravity Rush

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 Posted on: Jan 5 2018, 07:30 AM
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